Monday October 23, 2017


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“The conflict is so cruel tha...

“The conflict is so cruel that nobody has even indicated whether they...

ADDIS ABABA – The IGAD chief mediator, General Seyoum Mesfin has expressed sadness and worry over the continuation of the South Sudan conflict saying the retribution and destruction caused by both sides is immeasurable and risk consuming the new nation and the region. Mesfin, speaking to media... FULL STORY »

Nyandeng Malek: I was never a sympa...

Nyandeng Malek: I was never a sympathiser of Dr Riek Machar

WARRAP – the governor of Warrap State, Hon Nyandeng Malek Deliech, has come out swinging at “repugnant” claims by her opponents of still trying to sympathise with the former Vice President of the Republic, Dr Riek Machar, calling the claims as childish and uncalled for when the... FULL STORY »

Riek Machar wants to “bulldoz...

Riek Machar wants to “bulldoze” his way to the top – Gove...

JUBA  – A governor’s forum that addresses the shortcomings of the central government of South Sudan were told yesterday by President Kiir that his rival in the 10 months civil war, Dr Riek Machar “wants the leadership by all means.” Kiir in an opening remark to the... FULL STORY »

Government forces kidnapped over 20...

Government forces kidnapped over 200 Children and 38 Teachers for forceful ...

BENTIU – The government forces forcefully kidnapped close to 250 school pupils and 38 teachers in Pariang County of #unity state and took them to unknown location for possible conscription into SPLA army. The kidnapping in the area was masterminded yesterday by a brigadier general named Deng... FULL STORY »

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President Kiir: Federalism is not viable

JUBA – The president Salva Kiir has announced his opposition to the federalism campaigns currently on airwaves saying it should not be used to divide the internal front of the... FULL STORY »

Mr. Kiir Is The Problem… Not the Solution!

UNT – “Dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself, and your life will become a glorious romance and adventure.” – Mack Douglas. If you think I’m... FULL STORY »

SSDF-M and SPLM-DC Merged as One Party

JUBA – The South Sudan Democratic Forum-Mainstream (SSDF-M) has merged with Sudan People Liberation Movement for Democratic Change (#splm-dc) as one political party. The SSDF-M has... FULL STORY »

Igga warns Equatorians not to join the rebellion

JUBA – The South Sudan vice president James Wani Igga has warned the Equatorians not to join rebellion of Riek Machar because of the call for federalism, saying Riek steal the ideas... FULL STORY »

Projection: Why President Kiir Should go Home in Peace?

UNT – I would like to inform the world, individuals who have not understood what caused the current mess in the Republic of South Sudan. To elaborate on the reason why I have suggested Mayardit... FULL STORY »

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