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LUL GATLUAK: Will Salva Kiir resist...

LUL GATLUAK: Will Salva Kiir resist the call to step down?

If Salva Kiir survives the call to step down as the head of South Sudan for ordering his private army to massacre Nuer to give peace a chance, will he also retain an absolute power to run the country as his own property by the so-called presidential decrees in an awaited transitional government of... FULL STORY »

Lakes State Crisis in South Sudan (...

Lakes State Crisis in South Sudan (Part Two)

UNT – According to different analysts who analyze Lakes State problem, some came to realize that the reason why President of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit is not willing to sack Military Caretaker Governor Matur Chuot Dhol is due to number of threats and... FULL STORY »

Analysis on Genesis of Lakes State ...

Analysis on Genesis of Lakes State Crisis in South Sudan (Part One)

UNT – Lakes State Comprises of eight Counties and most of them are inhabited by the Dinka ethnic group but different sub-clans perceptions are too different with each others in the state. There has been cattle raiding, revenge killings in various parts of State. Lakes state is where most... FULL STORY »

SPLM’s Demise Or Revival

SPLM’s Demise Or Revival

UNT – In South Sudan, stakes driven highly by tribalized political ills are high. As such, the morale of good conscientious beings in my own country is severely challenged, tested and suppressed to its honest defeat. While the weak minded, the heartless opportunists, particularly some... FULL STORY »

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The ‘Kambo’ and ‘Jongo’ Business in the Sudanese Relationships

UNT – The article which appeared on the 8th of October 2012 in the Sudan Tribune online under the title “South Sudanese labour: refill the ’Kambo’ – doesn’t only... FULL STORY »

The Africa You Know Isn’t The Africa We Know

UNT – You may be an African, a leader at the same time, and you may tell others that here is my Africa on the map indicating that your Africa is a good place worth living. You may... FULL STORY »

Why the UNSC Seems Far Away From The “Nitty Gritty” of The Two Sudans’ Crises?

UNT – Undoubtedly there is much to learn when it comes to the politics of the Sudan once the giant of the continent of Africa with one million square kilometers in area and now broken... FULL STORY »

South Sudan – What to Do?

UNT – Reversing more than half a century of neglect, suffering and civil war should be our top priority now. In addition to the heartbreaking human toll taken over the years, we are... FULL STORY »

Striving for Change, Striving for Development, What Could Possibl...

UNT- The account of joy has padded as the joyous moment made possible by the declaration of the independence on July 9, 2011, has completely gone in vain. The concept we first had has mainly been... FULL STORY »

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