Wednesday March 29, 2017

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KHOR TONGYIK NGUNDENG: Every Human Languages “Fall on Deaf Ears of J...

The IGAD has struggled for almost two years to bring peace to the people of South Sudan, but the message of peace “falls on Deaf Ears of Juba Regime”.  Salva kiir’s government demonstrates their frustration and desperation of opposing the Nuer’s return to the government. The... FULL STORY »

Hungry Causes by Food Shortage in S...

Hungry Causes by Food Shortage in Sobat State, South Sudan

Press Release To: UNWFP & Co I am writing this Note with serious concern about food distribution to IDPS in Sobat State. It has been almost six months now with out food ration in many areas in Sobat State. I call up on UNWFP in South Sudan and it partners to urgently airdrop food or send food... FULL STORY »

ONYANGO-OBBO: Burundi and South Sud...

ONYANGO-OBBO: Burundi and South Sudan Don’t Fear or Love Kampala any More: ...

Last week, President Yoweri Museveni was in South Sudan to attend the country’s 4th independence anniversary celebrations. The surprise is that South Sudan is marking independence at all. Ever since resumption of the war there in December 2013 after a fallout between President Salva Kiir and his... FULL STORY »

PETER RIINY: Rebuttal to Ateny Wek ...

PETER RIINY: Rebuttal to Ateny Wek Ateny explanation on how Public Money go...

Molana Ateny Wek Ateny, a man known for beating ‘Drum of Truth’ when he was outside government has now established a reputation for beating drum of lies. One such lie is when he claimed that Northern Bar Elgazal State (NBGs) is home where things are done in orderly way, when indeed this is the... FULL STORY »

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LUL GATLUAK: Will Salva Kiir resist the call to step down?

If Salva Kiir survives the call to step down as the head of South Sudan for ordering his private army to massacre Nuer to give peace a chance, will he also retain an absolute power to run... FULL STORY »

Lakes State Crisis in South Sudan (Part Two)

UNT – According to different analysts who analyze Lakes State problem, some came to realize that the reason why President of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit... FULL STORY »

Analysis on Genesis of Lakes State Crisis in South Sudan (Part One)

UNT – Lakes State Comprises of eight Counties and most of them are inhabited by the Dinka ethnic group but different sub-clans perceptions are too different with each others in the... FULL STORY »

SPLM’s Demise Or Revival

UNT – In South Sudan, stakes driven highly by tribalized political ills are high. As such, the morale of good conscientious beings in my own country is severely challenged, tested and... FULL STORY »

Constructive Criticism is Needed in South Sudan, Please Don’t Sla...

UNT – Philips of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the great once said, “an army of deer led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by deer.” That may be true. But I... FULL STORY »

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