Monday November 20, 2017


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Two MSF aid workers killed in South...

Two MSF aid workers killed in South Sudan

Separate attacks claim lives of logistician, community health worker, humanitarian group says The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders says two of its workers have been killed in separate attacks in villages in South Sudan. The group, also known by the French name Medecins Sans Frontieres,... FULL STORY »

Makuei wants peace talks moved from...

Makuei wants peace talks moved from Ethiopia

JUBA – South Sudan’s Information Minister, Michael Makuei Lueth criticised the way Ethiopia and other IGAD countries handle peace talks in Addis Ababa and suggested a new venue needs to be discussed for the talks to move forward. Makuei in a speech yesterday evening in Addis Ababa... FULL STORY »

Warring parties disagree on demilit...

Warring parties disagree on demilitarisation of Juba and other towns

ADDIS ABABA – The two warring parties of the South Sudanese conflict continue to disagree on the security arrangement matter for the second day in a row as the rebels demand (in line with IGAD document) that Juba should be demilitarised. According to an official from the Opposition faction... FULL STORY »

Region may use force should both pa...

Region may use force should both parties fail to reach a deal by August 17 ...

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has strongly warned that the region may insert a clause in the would-be final agreement on peace process which would allow them to use force if the two warring parties fail to reach a deal on August 17. A senior Ethiopian diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who... FULL STORY »

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US squarely blames Juba government for ongoing atrocities committed in Unity State

JUBA – The US embassy in Juba (South Sudan) ayed blame on the government forces for their recent offensive that targetted civilians in Nhialdiu and other areas of Unity State calling... FULL STORY »

Machar agrees to hybrid “impartial” court setup

PAGAK – South Sudan’s former Vice President and leader of the rebels SPLM in Opposition, Dr Riek Machar has echoed a call by the US secretary of state, John Kerry who in an... FULL STORY »

SPLM-i-O fighters accuse Juba forces of poison gas attack in Renk last week

RENK – Rebels forces of SPLM in Opposition have accused Juba regime and its allied forces of poisonous banned chemical weapon attack in Amdhalwic near Renk last week. Col Chol Tut, a... FULL STORY »

Government forces, allied militias burned down houses in Unity State

BENTIU – Just around 3:00 pm East Africa local time on Tuesday, South Sudan militias fighting alongside the regime in Juba attacked villages in western part of unity state in... FULL STORY »

17 feared dead among government soldiers. Johnson Olony still in ...

MALAKAL – Government allied militias of Gen Johnson Olony are in full control of Malakal Airport and the town centre after the government soldiers and allies of Dinka militias were “asked... FULL STORY »

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