Sunday December 10, 2017


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Salva Kiir is not interested in pea...

Salva Kiir is not interested in peace – Rebel General

PAGAK – A rebel general allied to former Vice President Dr Riek Machar has vitriolically attacked the regime of Salva Kiir for “concurrently using a peace flag on the left hand and AK47 on the right.” General Ochan Puot, an earlier defectee general to the opposition in Western... FULL STORY »

The U.N. Security Council Voted Una...

The U.N. Security Council Voted Unanimously Extending South Sudan Peacekeep...

The U.N. Resolution Authorized the About 14,000-member United Nations Mission in South Sudan expressing “grave alarm about the further deteriorating political, security and humanitarian crisis” in South Sudan. Tuesday’s vote was unanimously to extend its peacekeeping mission in South... FULL STORY »

One of the four suspects that kille...

One of the four suspects that killed Mayor Cecilia escapes from prison

JUBA – One leading suspects awaiting arraignments for the brutal killing of the former Yei Municipality Mayor, Cecilia Oba Tito had broke free from the detention centre according to the Police Commissioner of the Central Equatoria State Mr General Danima. The accused murderer disappeared this... FULL STORY »

WHO: Polio in South Sudan Containab...

WHO: Polio in South Sudan Containable

JUBA – The world health organisation (WHO) has described polio cases in South Sudan as serious but managable having diagnosed two cases in Unity State last week with severe cases of the disease. According to WHO, 2 cases due to cVDPV type 2 (cVDPV2) have been confirmed. The strains were... FULL STORY »

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Please come to Addis, I’m begging you!

ADDIS ABAB – The president of South Sudan Gen #salva kiir Mayardiit refused to show up in Addis Ababa to joint his counterparts of heads of States of the regional powerful block, the... FULL STORY »

Government delegation boycotts talks. Wants face to face talks with rebels, again

ADDIS ABAB – The #government delegation to #peace talks with rebels in Addis refused to turn up for today’s session protesting that they don’t want a multi-stakeholders talk proposed... FULL STORY »

Catholic FM, Bakhita Radio signs an apology as reporter still in detention

 JUBA – The Catholic church owned radio station, The Bakhita Radio’s senior management has Monday signed an apology letter through the Ministry of National security so as to release... FULL STORY »

Rebels refute claims of instigating clashes in Nasir on Sunday

Addis Ababa – Rebels group allied to former Vice President, Dr Riek Machar have on Monday dismissed government accusations of attacking Nasir on Sunday. The allegations surfaced on... FULL STORY »

Government delegation to peace talks stranded in Juba. No money f...

JUBA – the high level delegation for peace talks representing the South Sudan government, anticipated to arrive in Addis Ababa today is stranded in Juba in what the government there called as... FULL STORY »

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