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They all went and came back during ...

They all went and came back during the war. Gen Thomas Cirilo will still co...

JUBA – An angry looking President Kiir on Sunday accused other tribes in South Sudan especially their leaders of not participating in the war to liberate South Sudan and instead involve in “running from Jalaba and to SPLA and back” and vice versa. Kiir in a meeting with groups... FULL STORY »

SPLMIO accuses JEM forces of dressi...

SPLMIO accuses JEM forces of dressing as refugees in Maban County of Upper ...

MABAN – The leadership of SPLMIO in Pagak has accused the Justice and Equality movement of dressing in civilian clothes and enter civilian facilities in Maban’s Doro refugee camp in order to cause havoc and disobedience. The accusation by the SPLMIO came just 3 days after fighting... FULL STORY »

SPLMIO HQ in Pagak successfully lau...

SPLMIO HQ in Pagak successfully launched an independent Wi-FI and GSM netwo...

PAGAK – The leadership of SPLM In Opposition under the chairmanship of Dr Riek Machar Teny has today launched internet services through Wi-fi and GSM phone communication, according to Maj Dickson Gatluak Jock, deputy military spokesman for the SPLMIO. The network and internet services erected... FULL STORY »

SPLMIO Ministers suppressed and for...

SPLMIO Ministers suppressed and forced to the cabinet meeting at gun point ...

JUBA – A minister representing the SPLMIO lead by FVP Dr Riek Machar has claimed that the recent cabinet meeting (on Friday the 15th) was forced on them by the Presidential Guards and “another SPLMIO Minister sympathetic to President Kiir” The Minister who refuses to be disclosed... FULL STORY »

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S. Sudan soccer team to participate in Saskatoon World Cup – Socc...

Saskatoon, CANADA – The Saskatoon World Cup soccer tournament is a celebration of diversity and cultures as well as an opportunity for local soccer players to showcase their talents on the field.... FULL STORY »

Athlete Guor Marial suspended by South Sudan Athle...

JUBA – South Sudan’s Olympic body, The South Sudan Athletic Federation (SSAF) has suspended Guor Miading Miaker (Guor Marial), revoked... FULL STORY »

South Sudan’s under-17 team to play Ghana for jun...

JUBA – The South Sudan’s under-17 team also known as the Bright Starlets will lock horns with powerhouse Ghana’s under 17 team in a two way... FULL STORY »

Sudan Will Host Pre-Olympic Football Qualifiers Tournam...

NAIROBI – In a move that could improve Sudan image in Africa and around the globe, Sudan has been picked to host East and Central Africa’s first... FULL STORY »

New FIFA ranking put South Sudan at 199th in the world

UNT – The South Sudan national team has been ranked by International football body, the FIFA for the first time since entering the global body as its... FULL STORY »

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Yau Yau in Gambella to diffuse tension with Ethiopian army and regional government

GAMBELLA – South Sudan’s deputy army chief, Lt Gen Daivid Yau Yau abruptly flew to the Ethiopian region of Gambella on Friday to convince the governor there to cease attack on Murle... FULL STORY »

Juba finally gave greenlight for IO Chief’s arrival – Spokesman

JUBA – South Sudan government has finally decided to give clearance to the army chief of staff of IO and his bodyguards of about 200 armed personnel to come to Juba whenever a charter... FULL STORY »

Deputy Chief, Ladu Gore to arrive in Juba this afternoon

JUBA – SPLMIO’s second most powerful man, Gen Ladu Gore is set to arrive in Juba anytime from now in this afternoon boarding a Kenyan airline charter plane. The deputy chairman is... FULL STORY »

UNSC still want to press on with sanctions despite the anticipated formation of the TGNU

JUBA – United Nations Security Council (UNSC) are poised to lay out various sanctions facing individuals of the warring parties by the 15th of April, according to internal UN circular... FULL STORY »

Thon Maker is NBA 2016 Draft

Thon Maker has been on every NBA fan’s radar for awhile now. As far back as early 2014, he was being called “the next Kevin Durant,” and some analysts have had him penciled into the top of the... FULL STORY »

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