Wednesday December 13, 2017


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Machar agrees to hybrid “impa...

Machar agrees to hybrid “impartial” court setup

PAGAK – South Sudan’s former Vice President and leader of the rebels SPLM in Opposition, Dr Riek Machar has echoed a call by the US secretary of state, John Kerry who in an exclusive interview with Eye Radio on Monday disclosed that US has setup a $5 million dollar plan to have an... FULL STORY »

SPLM-i-O fighters accuse Juba force...

SPLM-i-O fighters accuse Juba forces of poison gas attack in Renk last week

RENK – Rebels forces of SPLM in Opposition have accused Juba regime and its allied forces of poisonous banned chemical weapon attack in Amdhalwic near Renk last week. Col Chol Tut, a rebel officer in the ranks of SPLM in Opposition said that a toxic gas was fired at them 7 times by the regime... FULL STORY »

Government forces, allied militias ...

Government forces, allied militias burned down houses in Unity State

BENTIU – Just around 3:00 pm East Africa local time on Tuesday, South Sudan militias fighting alongside the regime in Juba attacked villages in western part of unity state in Wichchiok,Tuarkiel and Dhorboor. The militants under the command of Major Genreal Mathew Pul Jang and other ally... FULL STORY »

17 feared dead among government sol...

17 feared dead among government soldiers. Johnson Olony still in full contr...

MALAKAL – Government allied militias of Gen Johnson Olony are in full control of Malakal Airport and the town centre after the government soldiers and allies of Dinka militias were “asked to withdraw” from the town centre by Juba’s chief of staff, Gen Paul Malong... FULL STORY »

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South Sudan Government Borrowed $0.5 Billion Dollar to Finance the Government and Pay UPDF...

JUBA – the government of South Sudan through its finance ministry approved the borrowing of $500,000,0000 to cater for the operation of the government businesses and to pay the... FULL STORY »

Salva Kiir cannot waste his time by coming to Addis and get lectured by Riek Machar –...

ADDIS ABABA – In a major diplomatic tussle with international community, South Sudan government negotiators found themselves in a really strange situation, having to explain to IGAD... FULL STORY »

Amina: Punish Warmongers in South Sudan

NAIROBI – Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed is urging the international community to exert both diplomatic and political pressure on warring factions of South Sudan... FULL STORY »

Oxfam Warn of Food Crisis in South Sudan During Dry Season

NAIROBI – Aid Agency, Oxfam International has warned of a looming food crisis in south Sudan in this coming dry season where millions of people are displaced by the ongoing... FULL STORY »

No breakthrough between Kiir and Riek as peace talks is adjourned...

ADDIS ABABA – Late night talks between the two principal leaders of the South Sudan conflict, Salva Kiir Mayardiit and Dr Riek Machar failed to strike a power sharing deal to bring the 13... FULL STORY »

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