Saturday April 29, 2017

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South Sudan Unity in Horizon as Bot...

South Sudan Unity in Horizon as Both Parties Agreed on Security Arrangement

The South Sudan Transitional Government of National Unity could be constituted mid next month. The initial date was November 26, but now, regional leaders and stakeholders in the South Sudan Peace Agreement will meet in Juba next week to set a specific date for the constitution and also officially... FULL STORY »

Machar set to meet Gen Gatdet and C...

Machar set to meet Gen Gatdet and Changson in Khartoum today

KHARTOUM – South Sudan’s First Vice President designate, Dr Riek Machar is set to meet with the disgruntled generals of SPLMIO who decided to break away a month ago to form a faction aimed to fight both the rebel leader Machar and Salva Kiir.   The meeting is set to happen today,... FULL STORY »

Rebels unanimously endorse Machar a...

Rebels unanimously endorse Machar as the First Vice President of the transi...

PAGAK – The leadership of the SPLM in Opposition have today unanimously endorsed Dr Riek Machar to be the First Vice President in the would be Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU). The rebels in a leadership meeting to ratify the peace agreement today in Pagak discloses that... FULL STORY »

Apuk and Aguok community of Gokrial...

Apuk and Aguok community of Gokrial collected 2000 head of cattle to compen...

GOKRIAL – Warring tribal clans have agreed to settle scores and compensate victims of their wars by mobilising 2000 cattle yesterday in Gokrial. Apuk community of Gokrial East and Aguok community of Gokrial west arranged a “blood compensation cermony yesterday to heal division and... FULL STORY »

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SPLMIO Relief Wing held a “successful” Humanitarian conference in Nairobi

NAIROBI – The Relief Orgnanisation for South Sudan (ROSS) held a Humanitarian Conference in Nairobi last week to discuss concerted effort on bringing relief to most vulnerables... FULL STORY »

President Bashir’s plane left South Africa

#LIVE FEEDS Latest updates on President Bashir in South Africa   The whereabouts of the Sudanese president Omar el bashir has left the media houses and South African court... FULL STORY »

Enomomic meltdown blamed for cancellation of May 16 mutiny celebration

JUBA – South Sudan’s finance ministry blamed what it called as “economic uncertainity” for the postphonement of the May 16 celebration throughout South Sudan. May... FULL STORY »

300,000 in need of food aid in Unity State – UN

Bentiu – The UN Humanitarian coordinator in South Sudan, Toby Lanzer has said that more than 300,000 people recently displaced by fighting in Southern part of Unity State needs urgen... FULL STORY »

Juba government meeting with Gambella has nothing to do with SPLM...

GAMBELLA – The governor of Ethiopia’s border region, Gambella has refuted claims that the Juba government delegates currently in the area are there to convince his regional government not... FULL STORY »

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