Tuesday June 27, 2017

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President Kiir sent an SPLA battali...

President Kiir sent an SPLA battalion to ‘help Museveni win election’ – Rep...

JUBA – A daring report from the National Security detailed that about 1400 heavily armed SPLA personnels were sent to Uganda on Tuesday to fulfil a request made by H.E Gen Yoweri Museveni to provide security in some hot spots of Kampala (and all other sensitive areas of Uganda) during elections... FULL STORY »

Oil Pipeline can be shut down anyti...

Oil Pipeline can be shut down anytime soon – Ministry warns

JUBA – The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining has warned that it may turn off the pipeline and close down the oilfields in Paloch if Sudan refuses to lower the transit fees. The warning comes on Friday when the Ministry sent out a detailed letter directed at the Petroleum Ministry in Khartoum... FULL STORY »

Bakosoro arrested and interrogated ...

Bakosoro arrested and interrogated over the deteriorating security situatio...

JUBA – Former Governor of the Western Equatoria State (WES) Hon Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro was arrested on Tuesday evening by the National Security Services (NSS) after turning up for an earlier summon request by the NSS. Bakosoro, an independent governor for WES was recently sacked by President... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Unity in Horizon as Bot...

South Sudan Unity in Horizon as Both Parties Agreed on Security Arrangement

The South Sudan Transitional Government of National Unity could be constituted mid next month. The initial date was November 26, but now, regional leaders and stakeholders in the South Sudan Peace Agreement will meet in Juba next week to set a specific date for the constitution and also officially... FULL STORY »

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WHO: S. Sudan cholera outbreak spreads, deaths rise to 39

AFP – Cholera in war-torn South Sudan has spread to another state, with at least 39 dead since an outbreak was declared last month, the World Heath Organization (WHO) reported. Save... FULL STORY »

Gen Malong jetted into Uganda, “asks Museveni for more air power support” R...

KAMPALA – SPLA -Juba’s chief of staff, Gen Paul Malong Awan rushed to Uganda on Friday to meet with President Yoweri Museveni on the backdrop of the escalating situation in the... FULL STORY »

Kenyatta remains composed despite unsuccessful meeting between Kiir and Machar

NAIROBI – Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta remains defiant about his effort to reunify the fractured SPLM party and bring about peaceful settlement to the conflict in South Sudan,... FULL STORY »

SPLMIO Relief Wing held a “successful” Humanitarian conference in Nairobi

NAIROBI – The Relief Orgnanisation for South Sudan (ROSS) held a Humanitarian Conference in Nairobi last week to discuss concerted effort on bringing relief to most vulnerables... FULL STORY »

President Bashir’s plane left South Africa

#LIVE FEEDS Latest updates on President Bashir in South Africa   The whereabouts of the Sudanese president Omar el bashir has left the media houses and South African court wondering. Earlier... FULL STORY »

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