Sunday March 26, 2017

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Machar arrives in Khartoum – ...

Machar arrives in Khartoum – Sudan’s Minister of Information sa...

Khartoum – South Sudan’s opposition leader and former FVP Dr Riek Machar has “recently” arrived in Khartoum on “humanitarian ground” according to Sudan’s Information and Government Official Spokesperson, Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman in a statement today. According... FULL STORY »

Kiir can’t even control his o...

Kiir can’t even control his own body guards. His show off on camera i...

JUBA – a former Presidential advisor to President Kiir has claimed that President Kiir, a man he has been advising on foreign policy for 4 years “doesn’t even have the ability to control a small unit of guards he selected,  trained and feed” , in a major blow to the... FULL STORY »


UPPER NILE TIMES CALL FOR THE RELEASE OF Alfred Taban and all other regime ...

JUBA – The management of the Upper Nile Times is calling for the quick and unconditional release of the chief editor of the Juba Monitor, Mr Alfred Taban. Taban, a veteran Journalist and editor was arrested last week for calling on President Salva Kiir and FVP Machar to step down to provide... FULL STORY »

Museveni strongly opposes arms emba...

Museveni strongly opposes arms embargo in South Sudan

STAR KENYA – Museveni said this would weaken its army just as the country was trying to contain a resurgence of violence. The statement from one of the region’s main powers, issued over the weekend, came after UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon urged the Security Council to block arms... FULL STORY »

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Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) ‘The Greatest’ Is Gone

(CNN) His hands and his mouth were furiously fast. His skill as a boxer made him “The Greatest” in his mind and in the minds of many others. He antagonized opponents with his... FULL STORY »

28 states decree paused. Sent to border commission committee

JUBA – A presidential meeting today at J1 ordered the cancellation of the Presidential order number 36 for the establishment of the 28 states until a border and boundary committee... FULL STORY »

Kiir kicked out Minister Mabior in a Ministerial meeting over bowtie

JUBA – Mabior Garang, the new South Sudan Minister of Irrigation and Water resources from the SPLMIO has been kicked out of a ministerial meeting today over “the misuse of bow... FULL STORY »

Gaajaak Massacre – The Death Toll From Raid Rises to 208; 108 Children Kidnapped

GAMBELA – The death toll from a raid carried out by South Sudanese gunmen in western Ethiopia has risen to 208 people and the assailants kidnapped 108 children, an Ethiopian official... FULL STORY »

Kiir agrees to Machar’s oath of office upon arrival, rejects publ...

Juba – President Salva Kiir has ‘categorically’ agreed to the SPLMIO’s demand that the First Vice President designate, Dr Riek Machar should be sworn in on the same day of his arrival on the... FULL STORY »

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