Tuesday February 21, 2017


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South Sudan Artists Protest Civil W...

South Sudan Artists Protest Civil War With Peace Campaign

AP – For many in South Sudan, the arts have become a rare haven of peace in a young country that has known little but civil war Musicians played lively tunes in South Sudan’s capital, and pedestrians and market shoppers watched the impromptu concert with curiosity. A soldier in desert... FULL STORY »

Top South Sudanese music acts plan ...

Top South Sudanese music acts plan to stage a massive music concert in Paga...

GAMBELLA – Top South Sudanese musisicans and entertainers in SPLM-i-O held areas are set to stage a music concert in Pagak, Upper Nile State to coincide with the political meeting and rally planned by the SPLM-i-O leadership in the middle of this month. Duop Lul Biyan Aka Mono Duop the... FULL STORY »

Top musician trades his microphone ...

Top musician trades his microphone for AK47

PAGAK, Upper Nile – One of the revolutionary South Sudanese songs writer and artist, Fanan Kang John Jock, commonly known as Kang J J has decided to hang up his microphone and take up arms against Salva Kiir, accusing the South Sudanese leader of ethnic cleansing and running away from the... FULL STORY »

5 Craziest Places That Kenyans Have...

5 Craziest Places That Kenyans Have Séx

We are living in a period in time where séx is adored and worshipped. Ladies will kneel down to suck cock but they won’t kneel in church or to say a prayer. Guys will pay 500 shillings worth of fare to go where P is calling but won’t buy themselves a meal worth 100 bob. But as clichés say,... FULL STORY »

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Ger Duany: Sudanese Hollywood Star Searches for Family

NAIROBI – Now, he is back in Kenya trying to trace his family. Ger shot a documentary with filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu titled GER: To Be Separate. Former Sudanese child soldier now famed... FULL STORY »

Kenyans On Twitter Are Too Much!

NAIROBI – Kenyans on Twitter can be too much at times. Vera Now Has The President Of Kenya Staring At Her Boobs! (PHOTO). I recently came across a photo that I have to share! The... FULL STORY »

Jeff Koinange Reveals How He & His Wife Struggled to Get a Child for 9 Years before R...

NAIROBI – Like any other normal couple, celebrities too struggle with infertility at times. And it’s not just everyday couples who undergo fertility treatment after struggling to... FULL STORY »

Knightley emotional over South Sudan visit

BOR – Keira Knightley choked back tears when recalling the horror she witnessed on a recent charity trip to refugee camps in South Sudan. The Pirates of the Caribbean actress visited... FULL STORY »

Rapper Young DC Killed in Juba

TALK OF JUBA: A n artist associated with Hiphop singer Hot Dog was on Friday night killed in Juba. Miagak Mialual Minyeildit popularly known as Young DC was also a cousin to Hot Dog. He was stabbed... FULL STORY »

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