Saturday September 23, 2017


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DANIEL AMUM: Open Letter to the Uni...

DANIEL AMUM: Open Letter to the United Nation Security Council

When will Sanction and Arms embargo take place? The United Nation Security Council, United States of America and international committee had been sing the song of sanction and arms embargo for long especially in related to the case of South Sudan. It seems that biting drama was meant to pressurize... FULL STORY »

PETER GAI MANYUON: Garang Boys are ...

PETER GAI MANYUON: Garang Boys are problematic of South Sudan

EAST AFRICA – Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011 was manipulated by Garang Boys. South Sudan resources looted by the boys and the current crisis was a strategic work plans for five years by (Yaal Garang) with their mother. Are you aware that these boys are the problem to South... FULL STORY »

2 Minutes with General Tang-Ginye r...

2 Minutes with General Tang-Ginye refuting his death propaganda

Pagak – SPLM in Opposition General, Gabriel Gatwech Chan commonly known as Tang-Ginye has rebushed claims by the government media about his “death” as mere propaganda made up by “people who seek personal gains” in expense of truth. General Tang-Ginye set down with us... FULL STORY »

JWOTHAB OTHOW: Kiir’s adminis...

JWOTHAB OTHOW: Kiir’s administration betrayed the Chollo Defense Forc...

Editorials: First and foremost, allow me to extend my deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the Chollo (Shilluk) fallen heroes including the late Major General James Bwogo Olew and 14 other Chollo officers who were killed in a barbaric act in ambush at Lul by Akoka Dinka militias. Akoka... FULL STORY »

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Will South Sudanese Journalists be Safe from Media Bill Signed in Juba?

UNT – What will help professional Journalists in the Media bill that was signed on the 9th of September 2014 in Juba? Will government of South Sudan leave hunting for Journalists?... FULL STORY »

Federalism is Desirable in South Sudan

CALGARY – Let us acknowledge the origin of federalism and why it was implemented around the world. Hurley et al. (2013) stated that “Federalism has evolved over the course of... FULL STORY »

Hon. Both Diu’s legacy hijacked

UNT – The idea of “Federalism” in South Sudan does not emanate from the SPLM-in Opposition nor does it stem from Equatorians (as claimed)but it was first proposed long... FULL STORY »

Salva Kiir was not democratically elected

UNT – Most of us in South Sudan are not independent thinkers even when we pretend we are! Some South Sudanese writers and thinkers in Southern States of the country support Federalism... FULL STORY »

Tribalism Ignites The Current And Previous Conflicts In South Sud...

UNT – Several nationals and foreign writers have been addressing this concern for a number of years and extensively made researches on it where they thoroughly figured out that “Tribalism”... FULL STORY »

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