Friday November 24, 2017


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A Broken Nation

A Broken Nation

MALAKAL – Many political figures that vehemently calling themselves prominent politicians have one way or another involved in a dangerous act of breaking the country.  The sense of nationalism that seemed to have been the political ideal for South Sudanese after their hard won struggle was... FULL STORY »

The Power of Pressure that made Sou...

The Power of Pressure that made South Sudan President Speaks

JUBA – A very stun warning has been issued by Ambassador Nikki Haley, the United States high ranking official under the Trump administration, whom was made to deliver the executive message to Salva Kiir.  In the past four years, couple of warnings, attempted talks, and cessation of... FULL STORY »

Massacre Survivors Cling to Life in...

Massacre Survivors Cling to Life in Giant Swamp

 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: NYAL, South Sudan — In a swamp where people fleeing war survive on water lilies, the world’s newest country envisions a World Heritage site. The war came to Leer on a Sunday morning in May 2015. William Dak and Margaret Nyakume spotted government troops approaching the... FULL STORY »

Launch of Kenyan SGR welcome news f...

Launch of Kenyan SGR welcome news for East Africa

Yesterday was a big East African day when Nairobi launched the 500km first part of the Standard Gauge Railway that will run from Nairobi to East Africa’s biggest port- Mombasa. The second stretch the Uganda Railway from Nairobi to the Ugandan border is yet to be built. Uganda’s SGR is still... FULL STORY »

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The Best Photos of 2016

From hardships, 2016 was a mixed bag of emotions. Look back South Sudan is on the verge to Genocide. On Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton, Aleppo’s destruction, Rio Olympics, Black... FULL STORY »

EDITORIAL: Juba Massacre THREE YEAR ON. Three Days of Slaughter

Remembering The Juba Massacre: A Nation Torn Apart by the Blood of the Innocents Three Years Ago….. EDITORIAL – In just Three days, December 15th, 2013, more than 20,000 people of... FULL STORY »

DENG VANANG – Diplomacy and its Chips: The Case of James Gatdet Dak

James Gatdet Dak who is Dr. Riek Machar’s spokesman is by now in custody for five good days and nights since last Thursday. He was extradited to Juba due to South Sudan and Kenyan... FULL STORY »

SPLM-IO Representative in Nigeria Condemn the Illegal Attempt by Taban to replace Dr. Mach...

For Immediate Release Date: July 24th 2016 ABUJA, Nigeria – The office of the SPLM Mission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and ECOWAS wish to inform all it members in the region... FULL STORY »

MAYEN D. CHIRWEI: Agou and Kur Ayuen Orchestrated Chaat’s Fall fr...

People accused of massive corruption, that led to disappearance of $14 in the Office of the President were finally found guilty of crimes in the case brought to court by prosecution. The magnitude of... FULL STORY »

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