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AGGREY IDRI: The Economic Realities...

AGGREY IDRI: The Economic Realities of the War

During the December 2014 peace talks in Addis Ababa between the Government of South Sudan and the opposition, the IGAD arranged for some experts to present their views on outstanding issues between the between the two parties in areas of economy, finance, transitional justice and reconciliation.... FULL STORY »

PETER GAI MANYUON: Dr James Okuk Sh...

PETER GAI MANYUON: Dr James Okuk Should See Neurologist!

Dr James Okuk got his PhD from University of Nairobi in December 2009, where his thesis was” Justice and Poverty Reduction in South Sudan” a research that was criticized by most of the South Sudanese intellectual globally due to the fact that, his work lacks of substance for people consumption... FULL STORY »

Gen. Salva Kirr’s War Against Super...

Gen. Salva Kirr’s War Against Super Powers Is Suicidal Mission

UNT – The other day I read a story taking about President Salva Kirr claim which states that he will fight European Union, African Union, United States of America when they issued threat of sanction against his government and have criticized them for not doing enough to solve the current... FULL STORY »

NHIAL KOROW: The Babylon Has Fallen...

NHIAL KOROW: The Babylon Has Fallen, Will She Ever Stands Again: A Case of ...

CALGARY – There is no doubt that turmoil has been the only political war-related discourse on numerous occasions ever since 2001 twin towers attack took place. Although 911 was a different set of upheaval cooked by the al-Qaida under the terrorist activities of Ben Laden, and extremists, the... FULL STORY »

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SIRIR GABRIEL: Have We Accepted Our Fate?

CAIRO – Once upon a time, an African story goes, Tortoise fell into a deep pit latrine. For 10 years he lived in there and gave up any hope of rescue. But one day he heard voices... FULL STORY »

J. NGUEN NYOL: Who Killed Peace and Promoted Culture of Impunity in South Sudan?

CANADA – Of course, the sheer ignorance of the IGAD’s member States and the so –called African Union Peace and Security Council have obviously killed the prospects for peace in... FULL STORY »

JOHN CHUOL BOL: South Sudan A State Terrorism of the 21st Century

EDMONTON – Back ground, I write this article to analyze how state terrorism works in South Sudan compared to global state terrorism in other countries. The article compared South... FULL STORY »

PETER BINZA: What do you want to see, peaceful co-existence or Blood conflict?

By: Peter Kumboruno Binza YAMBIO, South Sudan – Reference to report produced by The Upper Nile Times , Jan, 16th 2015 that members of Dinka Community condemned the statement made by... FULL STORY »

DR. RIANG ZUOR: 2015 Elections How Many Carts Should Salva Kiir b...

Introduction In my last article, titled ‘Salva Kiir’s Attack on His Own Legitimacy Claim’, I made a point that the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011 provides for... FULL STORY »

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