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DANIELLE BOWLER: Serena Williams an...

DANIELLE BOWLER: Serena Williams and her shadow

Danielle Bowler explores what Serena Williams has come to mean and symbolise. Watching the Wimbledon final in a bar on Saturday afternoon, I was struck by how the moment seemed to take on a strange, incredibly heightened personal significance. It felt like everything hinged on each point, serve and... FULL STORY »

Projections Analysis on South Sudan...

Projections Analysis on South Sudan Crisis 2013-2015!

Absolutely South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, is embroiled in a conflict that began as a political dispute but has been intensified by pre-existing ethnic tensions. The number of casualties and refugees is straining SPLM in government, SPLM in opposition and international humanitarian... FULL STORY »

AYIIK CHOLDIT: No More five years f...

AYIIK CHOLDIT: No More five years for Mr Kiir’s regime needed!

Enough is enough, Kiir regime has looted the Country for ten years and the South Sudanese people as we know and they have failed to delivers the services as welfare, security and cohesion to the citizens. They have turn down Garang’s plans and make their own interest. ‘TAKE TOWNS TO PEOPLE’... FULL STORY »

The Cracking Salva Kirr’s Reg...

The Cracking Salva Kirr’s Regime

UNT – It is so pleasing to notice the most brutal South Sudan People’s Movement/Army with its undemocratic policies such as dominance, repression, subjugation, terror, expansion, occupation, lawlessness, insecurity, discrimination, favoritism, tribalism, nepotism, poverty, corruption and... FULL STORY »

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Submission dated February 25, 2014 to the parties negotiating peace for South Sudan, under...

Civil Society Submission on Security Sector Reform and Defence Transformation We the undersigned civil Society organizations have the honour to submit to you the following recommendations... FULL STORY »

MARGARET AKULIA: Don’t Just Stand There: Do Something About South Sudan! Part 1

CALGARY – “My life had become so unbearable that I was forced to take the perilous option of crossing our borders secretly” Peter Abdelrahman Sule the leader of South... FULL STORY »

The Nuer Supreme Council’s Response to the Chairman of “Jieng Council of Elders Interview”...

On February 7th, 2015, the former South Sudan chief Supreme Court justice, Mr. Ambrose Riiny Thiik had an interview with the SBS Radio Dinka based in Australia. The interview was conducted... FULL STORY »

NHIAL K. WICLEEK: The Nuer Concept of Love, Integration, and Equality: A Comparative Analy...

CALGARY – For centuries, the Nuer concept of love, integration, and equality has been of significant importance on an individual to collective viewpoint. The reason being that Nuer... FULL STORY »

DR. RIANG ZUOR: Black and African A Life That the World Could Car...

AFRICA – It now appears that human life is important when it belongs to certain class of people, or when it belongs to an individual coming from a certain racial group. It is a reality that... FULL STORY »

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