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PRESS RELEASE: Humanitarian Appeal ...

PRESS RELEASE: Humanitarian Appeal by Shilluk Community in Diaspora

Humanitarian Appeal by Shilluk Community in Diaspora To:       H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, Office of the Secretary General of United Nations, 885 Second Avenue New York, NY 10017, USA.   Date:   August 24, 2015 Subject:    The Forgotten Shilluk Civilians in Upper Nile... FULL STORY »

The Nuer Supreme Council Response t...

The Nuer Supreme Council Response to Friends of South Sudan’s claimed Lack ...

August 13th, 2015 The Nuer Supreme Council (NSC) takes this opportunity to condemn in the strongest terms possible the unprofessional, emotionally driven and one sided reaction by the so-called Friends of South Sudan (FOSS) from East Africa Community Member States in baselessly accusing the IGAD... FULL STORY »

PETER GAI MANYUON: Pagan Amum a Sou...

PETER GAI MANYUON: Pagan Amum a South Sudanese Liability of 21th Century!

The newly reinstated Secretary General of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Comrade Pagan is a born again in corruption malpractices. Corruption has routes in his blood even though South Sudanese complains day and night, nothing will manifest at all. The latest investigative report indicated... FULL STORY »

DANIELLE BOWLER: Serena Williams an...

DANIELLE BOWLER: Serena Williams and her shadow

Danielle Bowler explores what Serena Williams has come to mean and symbolise. Watching the Wimbledon final in a bar on Saturday afternoon, I was struck by how the moment seemed to take on a strange, incredibly heightened personal significance. It felt like everything hinged on each point, serve and... FULL STORY »

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Gen. Salva Kirr’s War Against Super Powers Is Suicidal Mission

UNT – The other day I read a story taking about President Salva Kirr claim which states that he will fight European Union, African Union, United States of America when they issued... FULL STORY »

NHIAL KOROW: The Babylon Has Fallen, Will She Ever Stands Again: A Case of South Sudan

CALGARY – There is no doubt that turmoil has been the only political war-related discourse on numerous occasions ever since 2001 twin towers attack took place. Although 911 was a... FULL STORY »

Peace, Census and then Elections in order of Priority

DES MOINES – South Sudan since its inception on July 9, 2011 has presented itself to the world as a great peace project not limited to South Sudanese, but also to the region and... FULL STORY »

Submission dated February 25, 2014 to the parties negotiating peace for South Sudan, under...

Civil Society Submission on Security Sector Reform and Defence Transformation We the undersigned civil Society organizations have the honour to submit to you the following recommendations... FULL STORY »

MARGARET AKULIA: Don’t Just Stand There: Do Something About South...

CALGARY – “My life had become so unbearable that I was forced to take the perilous option of crossing our borders secretly” Peter Abdelrahman Sule the leader of South Sudan’s United... FULL STORY »

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