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DR. RIANG ZUOR: Our Struggle for De...

DR. RIANG ZUOR: Our Struggle for Democracy and Unity

I. Introduction Since the Nuer massacre in Juba in December 2013, the beginning of the current civil war, the African leaders and governments have been relentlessly shaping and leading the opinion of the international community on the war in South Sudan. They want the world to understand the war as... FULL STORY »

J. NGUEN NYOL: Mistake Any Armed Op...

J. NGUEN NYOL: Mistake Any Armed Opposition MUST not Do

SASKATOON – South Sudan has been at war by itself since 15 of December 2013. This internal strife sent the new country to a new low and finally to a failed state status by all accounts. This failed state status is undeniably tragic development. So much so, it’s a heart-rending confirmation... FULL STORY »

DR. DAVID LEFFLER: Simple Solution ...

DR. DAVID LEFFLER: Simple Solution to Prevent Regional “Fires” ...

IOWA – An article published by Reuters reports that “former Lebanese army commander Michel Aoun was sworn in as the country’s elected president on Monday, and vowed to fight terrorism and to prevent regional ‘fires’ spreading to Lebanon.” The article also reports... FULL STORY »


CHEMICAL THANKER: SPLMIO and Dr MACHAR are conjoined twins you can only sep...

SYNOPSIS:  The recent rush of decision or indecision by President Kiir to lure and force the stranded IO Ministers in hotels to denounce their chairman is another attempt to derail the peace process. As evidences of what triggered the recent j1 fight continue to surface, Kiir actually had a... FULL STORY »

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J. NGUEN NYOL: A Professional Liar With International Audiences – A Response Eric Re...

CALGARY – Eric Reeves is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Centre for Health and Human Rights and a professor of English Language and Literature at... FULL STORY »

J. NGUEN NYOL: South Sudanese Communities expects Dr. Riek Machar to Deliver: Can Machar R...

CANADA – Since Dr. Riek Machar returned to Juba, South Sudan early this year after signing a peace accord with rival Pres. Salva Kiir in August 2015, various South Sudanese... FULL STORY »

JWOTHAB OTHOW: Shilluk and its Dinka Neighbors

Sudan Tribune website published on 15 May 2016 an article by Dr Francis Ayul Yuar titled: “Dinka Padang Borders with Shilluk in Upper Nile”. The article was an attempt to establish that... FULL STORY »


JUBA – Basically, South Sudan since the signing of the CPA and its subsequent establishment of GOSS in 2005, and thereafter the declaration of independence in July 2011, had never... FULL STORY »


JUBA – A Society according to Oxford dictionary is defined, although not limited to, as “a highly structured system of human organizationfor large scale community living that normally... FULL STORY »

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