Sunday February 19, 2017


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Projection: Why President Kiir Shou...

Projection: Why President Kiir Should go Home in Peace?

UNT – I would like to inform the world, individuals who have not understood what caused the current mess in the Republic of South Sudan. To elaborate on the reason why I have suggested Mayardit should step down in peace or go home. He (Mayardit) has been fighting to lead the South Sudanese... FULL STORY »

What Next after Individuals Sanctio...

What Next after Individuals Sanctions in South Sudan?

UNT – What is clicking mostly in people minds among South Sudanese is who is going to be number one in the list of the criminals who will be given sanctions by United States of America (USA) in this scenario where there is rebellion in three states of the Republic of South Sudan and thousands... FULL STORY »

Is South Sudan a Country of Comedy ...

Is South Sudan a Country of Comedy and Rhetoric?

UNT – “RHETORIC The art of making life less believable; the calculated use of language, not to alarm but to do full harm to our busy minds and properly dispose our listeners to a pain they have never dreamed of. The context of what can be known establishes that love and indifference are... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Media War and Propagand...

South Sudan Media War and Propaganda

UNT – There had been a lot of accusations between the Government of South Sudan under President Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit and the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM/A) in opposition lead by the former Vice President of South Sudan Dr Riek Machar. There is ongoing campaign on which group... FULL STORY »

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What Methodology is Desirable to Kick Away Primitive Politics in South Sudan?

UNT – I always think about how this primitive politics and hatred can be abolish or nullify in South Sudan as the Country. People mind focuses on the regionalism, Tribalism and many... FULL STORY »

Duping and Lack of Political Shrewdness Led to Suspension of National Reconciliation

UNT- “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” quoted from Aesop This is what ought to happen in South Sudan but it is unlikely because we are too... FULL STORY »

How Can South Sudan Reconcile It’s Bitter Past When the Present Is Even More Worse than Ev...

UNT- National reconciliation and healing processes are undoubtedly vital for the reconstruction of an often damaged inter-communal bridges associated with prolonged civil wars, as is the... FULL STORY »

People: The Diaspora Basement Rebels Are More Poisonous Then The Word Anya Nya Itself

UNT – They are poor patriots whose patriotism do not enable them to understand how all men everywhere feel about their altars and their hearthstones, their flag and their... FULL STORY »

Analysis on the Relocation of the RSS Capital to Ramciel

UNT- The recent resolution to relocate the nation capital from Juba to Ramciel has been long overdue. Many appeals have been made to the Central Equatoria state Government in general and Bari... FULL STORY »

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