Saturday November 25, 2017


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JOHN SUNDAY MARTIN: Lt. General Tho...

JOHN SUNDAY MARTIN: Lt. General Thomas Cirilo should alliance with SPLM-IO ...

PAGAK – The decision of Lt. General Thomas Cirillo to disassociate himself from the SPLM-IG and to become part of the struggle for the free South Sudan is much welcomed and this is what we as south Sudanese armed forces are expecting from any profession soldier serving the regime in juba... FULL STORY »

DENG VANANG: Why Machar must look o...

DENG VANANG: Why Machar must look out for Odinga and Vshangaria before join...

PART ONE FV President Dr. Riek Machar is surely coming to Juba soon to roost. But not to mainly attend to petty issues of individual mistakes arising from pure and simple greed. For he is too tall to stoop so low so as to resolve such scrap of issues, like putting readily made food of a mere spoon... FULL STORY »

IGAD Not Capable of Delivering Peac...

IGAD Not Capable of Delivering Peace for South Sudan!

UNT – The East African Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is concluding a plan to allow for what they are calling a unity government for South Sudan. If Riek Machar agrees to the dubious plan, then the South Sudan opposition has already lost the entire game. A unity government... FULL STORY »

EDITORIAL: Apology by President Sal...

EDITORIAL: Apology by President Salva Kiir Now Rightfully Due!

UNT – Now the whole world has acknowledged that there was absolutely no coup attempt on President Salva Kiir’s regime on December 15, 2013. It is now clear that the South Sudan crisis was sparked by in-fighting of President Kiir’s presidential guard brigade. Kiir informed the... FULL STORY »

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Mr. Kiir Is The Problem… Not the Solution!

UNT – “Dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself, and your life will become a glorious romance and adventure.” – Mack Douglas. If you think I’m... FULL STORY »

Projection: Why President Kiir Should go Home in Peace?

UNT – I would like to inform the world, individuals who have not understood what caused the current mess in the Republic of South Sudan. To elaborate on the reason why I have... FULL STORY »

What Next after Individuals Sanctions in South Sudan?

UNT – What is clicking mostly in people minds among South Sudanese is who is going to be number one in the list of the criminals who will be given sanctions by United States of... FULL STORY »

Is South Sudan a Country of Comedy and Rhetoric?

UNT – “RHETORIC The art of making life less believable; the calculated use of language, not to alarm but to do full harm to our busy minds and properly dispose our listeners to... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Media War and Propaganda

UNT – There had been a lot of accusations between the Government of South Sudan under President Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit and the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM/A) in opposition lead by... FULL STORY »

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