Sunday April 30, 2017

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Juba – The #ebony Center for strategic studies (ECSS) has started the first Annual economic policy week in Juba, under the theme: “Cash transfer” of oil revenue sharing as a vehicle for sustained peace, economic growth and poverty eradication in South Sudan. The three days... FULL STORY »

China will help build new airport i...

China will help build new airport in Juba: Information Minister says

JUBA – South Sudan said on Friday China would help build a new airport in the capital Juba, completing a project that has highlighted the government’s struggle to execute infrastructure projects.   South Sudan has been trying to build up efficient state institutions and start... FULL STORY »

Pipeline via Lamu to cost $3 billio...

Pipeline via Lamu to cost $3 billion, construction to begin in June next ye...

JUBA – The construction of an alternate oil pipeline to the Kenyan port of Lamu is set to begin in June 2013, according to officials at Finance and Energy Ministries in the Government of South Sudan.  The government recently tasked a Japanese company (Toyota) to conduct a feasibility study... FULL STORY »

Inflation prone Juba tops other Sou...

Inflation prone Juba tops other South Sudanese cities in the rise of cost o...

JUBA – The National Bureau of Statistics (SSNBS) have released a rising inflation numbers for basic goods around the Country, putting the capital city, Juba at all time high.    Since the latest CPI (consumer price index) release in May by SSNBS this year, prices for basic goods in Juba... FULL STORY »

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CFC Stanbic Bank to open branch in South Sudan

NAIROBI –  The CFC Stanbic bank of Kenya has expressed an ambitious plan to open a branch in South Sudan in a bid to tap the East Africa’s virgin market. The bank said it will... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Is Suing Sudan For “Looting” Its Oil

KHARTOUM — South Sudan is suing Sudan for “looting” its oil and will no longer export crude through its northern neighbor’s territory, a Sudanese daily reported Sunday,... FULL STORY »

South Sudan orders the shutdown of oil production amid a deepening row with Khartoum over ...

JUBA – Speaking to the reporters on Friday in Juba, the Minister of Information Barnaba Marial Benjamin said, “The government has instructed the minister of petroleum and mining to... FULL STORY »

Oil-rich South Sudan to present its economic package to the West

WASHINGTON – South Sudan President, Salva Kiir is in Washington to attend the U.S.-backed conference aimed at setting Africa’s newest country, the meeting comes a days after the... FULL STORY »

Stop intimidation, don’t block oil shipments, Minister hit ...

JUBA – The South Sudan’s Minister for Petroleum and Mining, Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau today lashed out at the government in Khartoum in what he called as the NCP’s intimidation and... FULL STORY »

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