Monday September 25, 2017


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Kenyatta vs Odinga: Battle of dynas...

Kenyatta vs Odinga: Battle of dynasties

By AFP: Country on a knife edge ahead of high-stakes elections Kenyans head to the polls Tuesday to vote in a knife-edge contest between incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and his rival Raila Odinga which has heightened claims of vote rigging and fears of violence. The final days of campaigning have been... FULL STORY »

Want Pope Francis to visit South Su...

Want Pope Francis to visit South Sudan? NO! not this year. Work for peace f...

   By Catholic News Agency   JUBA– The news that Pope Francis will not be able to visit South Sudan this year prompted the nation’s bishops to voice reassurances that a future visit is possible, and ask for a renewed commitment to peace. “Pope Francis is very particularly... FULL STORY »

Trump a ‘useful idiot’ or mole trai...

Trump a ‘useful idiot’ or mole trained and run by Russians?

MUTUMA MATHIU* – My high school buddy, Mr Koome Marangu, whom I assume is now a greying, solid headmaster somewhere in Kenya, once told me a native witticism that demonstrated how farsighted he was. He told me that he was a man who sees the glint of the enemy’s spears all the way from... FULL STORY »

PETER GAI MANYUON: The Real Reasons...

PETER GAI MANYUON: The Real Reasons Behind South Sudan Crisis!

Analysis: Comparatively, the combination of parasites, pests, bedbugs and suspicion within Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) leadership caused this man-made crisis that killed thousands and displaced civilians to refugee’s camps in different parts of the world. On other hand, absence of... FULL STORY »

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DR. RIANG ZUOR: What are the Ordinary South Sudanese Fighting for?

KAMPALA – A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook in which a Kenyan disrespectfully referred to the people of South Sudan as “…the silliest…” for fighting among themselves.... FULL STORY »

ISIS, South Sudan Using Child Soldiers To Fight in Civil War. Will Washington and UN Help?

As the Trump administration hashes out its policy on South Sudan, some fear the country’s child soldiers are running out of time. It was just before dark, and Charles was pulling weeds... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Crisis – Looming Famine In South Sudan

South Sudan Crisis – In the midst of a devastating famine that is threatening nearly half its population, South Sudan has hiked the work permits fees for foreign aid workers by... FULL STORY »

BRIG. GEN KUAC AWAN – Orxer Energy Company & Serious Scandal in Oil Sector

JUBA – The syndicate that is massively prowling our Oil Sector is headed by Lt General James Wani Igga, the Vice President of the Republic, deputized by Dr Martin Elia Lomoro, the... FULL STORY »

J. NGUEN NYOL: No Better, Bitter Enemy than a Man who killed one’...

Today is 28 of August; a day in 1991of which “self determination” for the people of South Sudan was emboldened and declared as the centerpiece and supreme objective of the liberation struggle in... FULL STORY »

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