Monday December 11, 2017

Stop intimidation, don’t block oil shipments, Minister hit back at Khartoum Government

JUBA – The South Sudan’s Minister for Petroleum and Mining, Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau today lashed out at the government in Khartoum in what he called as the NCP’s intimidation and dirty tactics to make talks in Addis Ababa a failure. 
The Minister’s reaction came as the government in Khartoum announced on Monday that it has halted export of oil alleging that the Government in Juba owing them about $727 million which remain unpaid from the earlier shipments. 
The minister denied the allegations saying the figures were made up to make the talks on post-CPA arrangements in Addis Ababa difficult. Dau said: “These figures are unacceptable and are actually a tactic of intimidation by the khartoum to make us panic”. “We cannot accept this”, He added. 
The African Union has resumed talks between South Sudan and Khartoum since the 20th of this month, to tackle and broker the last remaining parts of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) implementation, that includes the oil shipments fees, South-North Sudan borders demarcation, and the issue of the highly volatile region of Abyei.
Previous talks dramatically failed as the regime in Khartoum hardened talks through multiple demands, urging South Sudan government to concede Abyei, which Juba government didn’t accept. As the talks begin on 21st this month, SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum, the head of negotiation in South Sudan’s part proposed a ‘package’ to be paid to Khartoum, which the government there neither refused nor accepted. 
Since yesterday, the blockage in oil shipments prevented a shipment of more than 600,000 barrels of crude, according to the report by the oil ministry in Juba. The same amount of crude or more may be prevented too if the Government in Khartoum continue to halt the shipment process.
The relation between the new neighbours has become so rocky in recent weeks with both Governments accusing each other of supporting rebellions in their respective states. The Government in Juba however blamed Khartoum for it called an invasion of sovereignty after SAF (Sudan Armed Forces) jets bombed refugee camps inside South Sudan.
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