Tuesday December 12, 2017

South Sudan Oil Output reaches a new record low

BENTIU – The South Sudan oil output has since July reached a mind boggling 25 per cent low in production in major oil fields compared to months earlier before the independence, a report from the Unity State’s environment ministry has shown. 
The report centering on the effects of rebellion by SSLA rebels, disruptions due to rainy season and lack of enough manpower to effectively run the production lines, also indicated that the output would further dwindle throughout the year but pick up as the New Year begins.
Unity State Oil Minister William Garjang said Tuesday that some of the oil fields are not operational as the rain keeps on unsettling the staffs’ daily production procedures in the State. He said: “most of our fields are located in swampy areas and this has made the work of the oil riggers extremely difficult”, Garjang added. 
Garjang also decried the lack of staffs and skilled manpower in the currently operating oil fields (which he estimated at 123). He said most current workers carryon their duties till the late hours of the evening to compensate for the huge staff gap.
Garjang said that the shortage of staff at Unity State oil fields is caused by the unprecedented Khartoum Government’s pulling out of 1,300 North Sudanese oil workers after the independence, leaving the oilfields with low number of skilled engineers and barely non-Northerners. He emphasized that unless appropriate action is taken by the State and Central Governments, the production will still be affected. 
South Sudan currently produces 75% of the old Sudan’s daily oil output with the Unity State being the leading in oil reserves, producing 120,000 bpd (barrels per day). The country largely depends on oil exports for 98% of its economy.  But report suggests that the oil in the new Republic of South Sudan will further shrink to about 180,000 bpd (down from about 37,000 bpd) in the next two decades, which will make it possibly difficult for a country without infrastructure, enough connected roads and general economic standpoints.
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