Tuesday December 12, 2017

President Kiir approves 1000 tractors for farmers

Yoal Manyang


JUBA – President of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit said his government is injecting one thousand tractors to the farmers across the ten States in this agricultural season, to boost food security in the Country.
The president made this announcement on Wednesday during the launching of the Republic of South Sudan Food and Security Council {RSSFSC} in Juba. Under the theme, &147;food Security for Resilience and sustainable development&148;.
He said his Government still considers food and nutrition security as a priority and strategic objective although their efforts have been hampered significantly by the recent unfortunate crisis. 
&147;I am, determined to end the hunger and malnutrition in the Country and already declared the need to achieve food security in our country by the end of 2014,&148; Salva Kiir added.
South Sudan is endowed with rich natural resources including vast fertile land. However, the Country record highest malnutrition especially among its children. Poverty driven by underdevelopment engulfs about half of an estimated 8.3 million of the population.
Salva Kiir encouraged all people of South Sudan to go to their farms and exert all efforts to produce food for their families and for the Country.
 &147;I also upon all our partners, relevant agricultural institutions such as banks unions to provide necessary support to initiatives that are intended to produce food during this season&148;.
The president is very keen to discourage youth who waste time on playing Card/ Dominos and threaten to ban it during farming period.
&147;All of us; the civil Society, youth, unions and the media have a role to play in the mobilization of our people to go farming in the coming period. Activities, which are destructive to farming efforts such as playing cards/dominos, are banned during this period,&148; Kiir said.
He also suggested to the RSSFSC to consider whether local Courts should be postponed during cultivation period and resume in the month of September, except for hunger related cases. &147;I would like the Council to submit a proposal as to whether Saturdays should be dedicated to farming activities especially targeting the working class in the Country&148;. 
The president directed the ministry of Finance to provide the necessary resources to enhance the efforts of Agriculture in providing agricultural inputs. 
The acting Head of office, Food and Agriculture organisation Daniele Donati pledge necessary support to the government in its efforts to address food insecurity and malnutrition in the Country.
He said despite the resilience of the people of South Sudan, the Country still presents areas of severe food insecurity and cases of malnutrition, which need to be systematically addressed.
&147;In order for the government to take the lead in addressing food insecurity and malnutrition, decision makers need to be guided by timely and adequate food and nutrition security information and analysis.  We are ready to assist in this area,&148; he added.
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Yoal Manyang
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