Tuesday December 12, 2017

North Sudanese nationals to leave jobs for South Sudanese – Ministry of Labour

South Sudanese workers painting a metal rod in Juba (Credit: AFP-Getty Images)
JUBA– The Ministry of Labour and  Human Resource development in the government of South Sudan has directed various agencies and resource sectors in South Sudan to implement the Ministry’s policy of cutting jobs for North Sudanese nationals who currently hold various jobs in South Sudan as nationals despite losing their citizenship as a result of referendum last year. 
According to Hellen Achiro, the current under-secretary in the Ministry, the North Sudanese have lost their nationality status and therefore should be treated as foreigners or people of refugees status whom only should seek asylum in the country because of fear of prosecution if they return back to North Sudan and thus should lost their current jobs to the South Sudanese locals. 
Secretary Achiro directed public institutions and non-profit organisations to maintain The Ministry’s orders and re-advertise the positions for the South Sudanese to fill, saying as a result of denying South Sudanese nationals an identity status in North Sudan, similar thing will also apply to the North Sudanese here in South Sudan. 
“We must embark to give priority to South Sudanese nationals who are capable enough to take up those jobs since its their country, they should reap what they sow” Achiro Said. 
More than 300 hundred North Sudanese are currently working in private and NGOs institutions right across South Sudan despite losing their residency. There were hope that a citizenship deal would be made between South and North Sudan as a part of post-CPA arrangements currently taking place in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. But this bore no fruit since the regime in Khartoum nagged in getting the deal done. 
The government in the North also kicked hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese who worked in their institutions and declared them stateless in their territory. North Sudan doesn’t allow dual citizenship unlike most of the countries world wide. 
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