Tuesday December 12, 2017

IRC received 2,575 cartons of Plumpy Nut from UNICEF

Yoal Manyang


JUBA – Nearly 500,000 vulnerable children in the South Sudan have received emergency supplementary feeding support from the . In the past few months, the country and its environment have been significantly affected by the ongoing conflict. The IRC, after carrying out a rapid assessment, identified that the most vulnerable of the population were in urgent need of support due to declining access to food in the local markets resulting from the fighting. The ICRC approached all parties to seek their approval to carry out an urgent distribution of nutritional supplements in favour of the most affected children in the country. The International Rescue Committee (IRC), has received some supplies of 2,575 cartons of Plumpy Nut from its partner United Nation children organization UNICEF. The supplies will be taken to Panyijiar county of Unity State and Bor of Jonglei State to target about 500,000 children which are like suffering from severe malnutrition in South Sudan.
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Dr. El sheikh Abdalla ICCM Coordinator for International Rescue Committee (IRC) (Yoal Manyang/The Upper Nile Times)

Dr. Elsheikh Abdalla ICCM coordinator of International Rescue Committee (IRC) told Journalist in Juba International Airport that ” we have receive this shipment from UNICEF, and is the shipment of Plumpy Nut which is ready to eat therapeutic food to treat malnourished children under five, we will be taking this shipment to Panyijiar and Bor where we will be targeting around 6,000 children in the two counties.”

 “In Panyijiar county, we already establish an efficient program, we have establish around twelve outpatient therapeutic program where we have some health cadres, they do screening for children under five and they identify children with malnutrition and then they distribute this plumpy Nut, so immediately after delivering this shipment to Ganylel we will preposition some of this supplies to some of the remote villages so the community can access them, even if the rain start it can be used for the treatment of children under five affected by the malnutrition,” Abdalla continued.

Priscilia Bayo Nicholas UNICEF Nutrition Specialist (Yoal Manyang/The Upper Nile Times)

Priscilia Bayo Nicholas, UNICEF Nutrition Specialist said that this supplies we handed it immediately to IRC who is implementing our nutrition program in Bor and Panyijiar and also in Northern Bahr El Ghazal and they have lot of children in program right now and they need the supplies that why we handed over this supplies.

“We also have others partners across the country, we also given them supplies and now they are implementing our nutrition program, we still have a lot of supplies in pipeline, we will continue expected some by air and some are coming by sea and we want to ensure that we don’t loss children because of malnutrition and we have our partners on the ground they are working very hard” Priscilia Bayo added.

UNICEF appeal to the Donors Community to bridge the gap of $33 million US dollar so that they can be able to supplies the partners with nutritional materials needed.
UNICEF and partners have estimated that the number of children who will suffer from severe acute malnutrition in 2014 will double to almost a quarter of a million. Unless they are reached with treatment, including ready to eat therapeutic food such as Plumpy Nut otherwise up to 50,000 children are likely to die.

UNICEF is working with partners to use emergency nutrition supplies to treat severely malnourished children under five in the states most affected by the conflict. Joint rapid response teams are implementing community based management of acute malnutrition by distributing ready to use therapeutic foods, routine medicines, Vitamin A and de-worming tablets, with follow-up and home visits by the IRC and other partners’ nutrition teams on the ground, including community nutrition volunteers who assist in accessing hard to reach areas. This fast and flexible approach is currently being deployed in remote, previously unreachable areas. The rapid response teams are fully integrated so they deliver health, water, hygiene, sanitation, education and child protection services and supplies as well.

The supplies arriving on shipment will be used by IRC in Panyijar, Unity State, and Bor, Jonglei State. Panyijiar is one of the most remote counties in the country, located in swampy terrain not far from the Nile River. During the rainy season, it is cut off completely and can only be reached by planes when the dirt airstrip is dry enough to land.

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