Monday December 11, 2017


Yoal Manyang


Juba – The Center for strategic studies (ECSS) has started the first Annual economic policy week in Juba, under the theme: “Cash transfer” of oil revenue sharing as a vehicle for sustained peace, economic growth and poverty eradication in South Sudan.
The three days brainstorming initiative was spearheaded by various government stakeholders that include the minister of finance and economic planning, ministers and deputy ministers, and director General and MPs of National Legislative Assembly and the presidential Advisor for Economic affair and other important dignitary in the government and private sectors.
Dr Lual A. Deng Managing Director of Ebony Center for Strategic studies said in a press briefing that economic policy week is to help the policy makers and business people in South Sudan, and to understand how the economy operates on one hand and to identify the role of the economic policy in governancy, because the economic policy is a way to guide the economic stability whilst the government doesn’t manage the economic stability rather it make the policies.
Deng added that the main aim of making the economic policy is to tell the economy policy makers to understand the economic policy and when some of the things go wrong it may just be because people don’t know how to operate the machines of the economic policy, adding that: “as a economist we are informing the policy makers on how they are operating the economics of the country, and we are providing the option to the government for them to choose from the option provided by the Ebony.”
Meanwhile Hon. Aggrey Tisa Sabuni, presidential Advisor for economic affair said that this workshop is to generate the public policy of economic policy that will guide in the public management affairs and that Ebony is the private institution that bring the stakeholders on roundtable to brainstorm on the way public fund can be managed.
  aggrey sabuni
The economic policy weeks will be annually conducted at the end of every January in South Sudan to make the update on the course of action of the country economy.
Sabuni added that the main purpose on the forum is also to make the policy on the vulnerable groups so that the vulnerable could be able to identify, and study could be made to know how this people can be helped by the government, whether through building schools, hospitals and foods in order to alleviate the level of poverty in this groups. “As a presidential advisor on economic affair I will be working closely with ebony to make sure that this policy is helpful to the government and should be implemented in the government development plan.”, Sabuni added
The workshop will continue for three days to brainstorm on how the financial side of South Sudan can work and how the government can make good guiding principle for the economy of  the country.
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