Monday December 11, 2017

Chinese government donates 121 million South Sudanese pound to Government projects

booming constructions in South Sudan (credit: Reuters)

JUBA – The Chinese Government made a pledge of 121 million South Sudanese pound (approx. 32 million US dollars) today to support various governmental projects around the country. The pledge they termed as a monetary donation’ was meant to sponsor developmental projects in the area of health, education, agriculture and water supply in the republic.

Chinese Consul Hon Li Zhiguo made the pledge on behalf of his government during a meeting he held with the Information Minister of the republic of South Sudan, Hon. Barnaba Marial Benjamin in Juba today. 

The Chinese official indicated that the donation was made to strengthen Beijing’s bilateral relation with Juba, given the long tradition of Chinese interest in the whole of Sudan. Zhiguo also promised a long term developmental plans his government availed for the future South Sudan projects.

Furthermore, the ambassador also said that Chinese radio stations and and staffs will soon come to South Sudan to help in the training of manpower and also involve in the peace building initiatives. He appealed to the RSS government to indicate any area where Chinese companies and its people could be of help, pointing out that the involvement of China in other African countries resulted in huge developments and countries stability.

Information Minister Hon. Marial thanked the consul and the Government of China for the good gesture. He said that China will remain a good partner for the people South Sudan especially in areas where enough man power is needed. He commended Beijing for its peace building efforts and tireless work in ensuring that the world’s newest country is safe and sustainable.

Hon. Marial also expressed hope that the Beijing will invest education sector which is currently “facing infrastructural and personnel challenges”

South Sudan solely depends on oil exports to feed its 8 million people. The world’s newest nation faces redundant tasks in all sectors, with infrastructure becoming the most needed development right now. But China being the top investor in South Sudan oil promised to spearhead all the developmental projects in the republic. Both countries signed development deals to strengthen their dependency on each other.


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