Sunday October 22, 2017

Author: Stephen Par Kuol

STEPHEN PAR KUOL: South Sudan in the Image of Salva Kiir

After half a century of armed struggle by successive generations of our people, the Republic of South Sudan was founded with optimistic and euphoric celebration on July 9, 2011. The flag of... FULL STORY »

STEPHEN PAR KUOL: The Decay of Kiir’s Police State

Just like Nazi’s Germany, Zaire’s Mombuto Seseiko, Augusto Pinochet’s Chile and others in that inexhaustible list, Kiir’s Republic of South Sudan is a police state by all standards... FULL STORY »

South Sudan: Another Rwanda in the Making

UNT – Having come to term with the embarrassing truth that genocide in Rwanda could have been prevented, the world leaders under the leadership of Bill Clinton of the United States in 1994... FULL STORY »

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