Thursday December 14, 2017

Author: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

SIRIR GABRIEL: Have We Accepted Our...

SIRIR GABRIEL: Have We Accepted Our Fate?

CAIRO – Once upon a time, an African story goes, Tortoise fell into a deep pit latrine. For 10 years he lived in there and gave up any hope of rescue. But one day he heard voices passing by. “Get me out of here!” he shouted at the top of his voice, “I can’t stand it any... FULL STORY »

SIRIR GABRIEL: More Reshuffles Will...

SIRIR GABRIEL: More Reshuffles Will Not Prevent President Kiir Government F...

CAIRO – It must be a terrible life to be a minister in this government, knowing that you may be fired at the drop of a hat for no particular reason other than suspicion of your disloyalty. This, of course, is regardless of how you may have served the people of South Sudan. Honestly, how can... FULL STORY »

SIRIR GABRIEL: It’s Our Prior...

SIRIR GABRIEL: It’s Our Priority to Educate the Children

CAIRO – The number of children who do not get excess to schools in my country is as much as the number of young children living on streets today, South Sudan politicians have no interest in empowering and encouraging them to go school as it’s done in different angle of the world. While... FULL STORY »


SIRIR GABRIEL: SPLM – JUBA not Prompt to Bring Peace to Citizens

SPLM-Juba-is really never going to fundamentally change in character and form. I am not amazed at the amount of political intrigue and backstabbing that is now happening. It’s obvious that everything is on hold as we witness political drama and unprecedented treachery as the SPLM-Juba congress... FULL STORY »

SIRIR GABRIEL: The problem is not Mathiang Anyoor. Its Salva

The problem is not Mathiang Anyoor, its Salva and his entourages who planted hatred and anger to their hearts. – Sirir Gabriel The level of hate, anger and malice is simply... FULL STORY »

IGAD, South Sudan need Kiir to be a Ceremonial President!

UNT – Our present constitutional dispensation in South Sudan is that of an Executive Monarch or a powerful president which is modelled on that of the USA. The presidential system of... FULL STORY »

We can’t rely on Chinese for everything

UNT – I find it incomprehensible that some of us are celebrating and boasting about the recent trip to China. The heap of papers that the President returned with, are not likely to convert into... FULL STORY »

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