Tuesday December 12, 2017

Author: Philip Gual

6 killed as IDPs in Malakal aided b...

6 killed as IDPs in Malakal aided by government forces fought among themsel...

MALAKAL – UN reports at PoCs in Malakal, Upper Nile State have disclosed to the Upper Nile Times that sporadic clashes have been happening since yesterday between IDPs.  The report has it that 6 people have been killed and over 30 others seriously wounded and in critical conditions. A... FULL STORY »

Ri̱ät Ciɛŋkä kɛ Thok Naath

Ri̱ät Ciɛŋkä kɛ Thok Naath

PAGAK – Ci̱aaŋ cɛ rɔ päär kɛ tuk baaŋ.  Ci̱aaŋ të rɛydɛ kɛ lät ti̱i̱ ŋuan tin jak raan kä höö baa ŋa̱c a gɔa ɛ nɛy tin kɔ̱ɔ̱ŋ.  Dämaari̱ kä nyi̱amaari̱ gör nɛ jɛ ɛn ɣöö bi̱ kɔn a la̱a̱t gɔyni̱.  Ji̱n jakni̱ rɔ kä: Ŋi̱i̱c naath kɛ... FULL STORY »

The Chairman of the SPLM-IO Accepts...

The Chairman of the SPLM-IO Accepts his Appointment as the First Vice Presi...

CAIRO – The Chairman of the SPM-IO, who is also the First Vice President Designate, Dr. Machar, has accepted his appointment as the First Vice President of South Sudan.  In a move that he described as surprising during an interview with the BBC today, Dr. Machar has stated that the move is a... FULL STORY »

Government Forces Plan to Attack SP...

Government Forces Plan to Attack SPLM-IO Cantonment Sites

PAGAK – According to Dickson Gatluak Jock Nyuot, Deputy military Spokesperson for SPLM-IO has stated that “government forces are planning to attack the SPLM-IO forces’ cantonment sites.”  This move comes after the government announced on Sudan tribune on February 4, 2016 accusing... FULL STORY »

2 speed boats drowned and a government colonel is missing as ceasefire tatters

JONGLEI – South Sudan’s armed opposition claimed on Tuesday to have sunk 2 government gunboats destined for Jonglei’s rebel held areas. The boats consisted of barges and... FULL STORY »

Opposition consultations kicked off in Pagak amid tight security

PAGAK – Consultative meeting among members of the SPLM in Opposition group have started today to deliberate on the recent IGAD-Plus compromise agreement aimed at ending the 19 months... FULL STORY »

Machar: Gen Gatdet and Gen Garhoth will be redeployed elsewhere

PAGAK – The chairman of the SPLM in Opposition, Dr Riek Machar has told the Upper Nile Times that two of his Generals he dismissed yesterday will be reappointed into different... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Rebel Downed the Helicopter Gunship, Second Chopper not Confirmed

MALAKAL – As more defections rocked Juba – Faction under General Salva Kiir, Kiir’s Chief of Staff, Gen Paul Malong Awan rushed to Uganda for help. Chief of staff, Gen Paul Malong... FULL STORY »

After Malakal, Rebels threaten to storm the main oil field

MALAKAL – South Sudan’s rebels issued a stern warning to the government troops in the oil field of Paloch that the recent success in the capture of Malakal “will not stop there if... FULL STORY »

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