Monday December 11, 2017


Launch of Kenyan SGR welcome news f...

Launch of Kenyan SGR welcome news for East Africa

Yesterday was a big East African day when Nairobi launched the 500km first part of the Standard Gauge Railway that will run from Nairobi to East Africa’s biggest port- Mombasa. The second stretch the Uganda Railway from Nairobi to the Ugandan border is yet to be built. Uganda’s SGR is still... FULL STORY »

EU provides $12.9 mn for South Suda...

EU provides $12.9 mn for South Sudan aid

JUBA – The European Commission (EC) said it has provided $12.9 million to help save the lives of conflict-affected people in South Sudan. The money, which was channeled through the UN World Food Programme (WFP), is in addition to the $32 million contribution that was already confirmed for... FULL STORY »

Response to Religious Leaders’ call...

Response to Religious Leaders’ call for inclusive National Dialogue to end ...

By Rev. Daniel Amum Odwel ………………………………………………………. First and foremost, the call for genuine inclusive dialogue is welcome by all, if it is initiated by a neutral patron who is... FULL STORY »

Trump a ‘useful idiot’ or mole trai...

Trump a ‘useful idiot’ or mole trained and run by Russians?

MUTUMA MATHIU* – My high school buddy, Mr Koome Marangu, whom I assume is now a greying, solid headmaster somewhere in Kenya, once told me a native witticism that demonstrated how farsighted he was. He told me that he was a man who sees the glint of the enemy’s spears all the way from... FULL STORY »

STEPHEN PAR KUOL: South Sudan in the Shadow of Global Transitions

ALASKA – The year 2017 will go down in the history of the contemporary world as a year of multiple global transitions. From the UN Headquarters in New York to Washington D.C, London... FULL STORY »

Trump’s Order 13768 and How It’s Getting Rid of Visa Holders & Immigrants

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Amanda Berkshire San Diego: (619) 677-5727 Email: SAN DIEGO – Immigration Expert Steven Riznyk Comments... FULL STORY »

South Sudan plane crashes on landing, all 45 passengers rescued with minor injuries on 17

WAU – A South Sudan plane owned by South Supreme Airlines has crashed after colliding with a fire truck on landing. The plane, a Russian made Antonov 26 with a tail number S9-TLW... FULL STORY »

Salva Kiir deliberately caused famine by using oil revenue for arms imports rather than fo...

UN REPORT –South Sudan’s government is mainly to blame for famine in parts of the war-torn country, yet President Salva Kiir is still boosting his forces using millions of... FULL STORY »

DR. JOHN C. KUEK: South Sudan And Kenya Are The Most Corrupt Nati...

SANDIAGO – The word “terror” comes from the Latin word “terrorem”, meaning great fear. It is not a relatively new word by any means. However, the word terrorism came into popular usage... FULL STORY »

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