Tuesday December 12, 2017


UNSC authorises UNMISS to use maxim...

UNSC authorises UNMISS to use maximum force against sexual perpetrators in ...

NEW YORK – UN Security Council in a new mandate to UNMISS ordered the UN force in the country to use any maximum power to prevent sexual atrocities committed by armed groups in the country. The UNSC voted on Friday to extend the mandate of UNMISS for another year. The resolution (part of... FULL STORY »

Opposition Supporters Rubbished Nat...

Opposition Supporters Rubbished National Dialogue without Dr. Machar

MELBOURNE – The SPLM-IO supporters across the world rubbished the national dialogue echoed by illegitimate President, referring to it as meaningless.  Three years ago today December 15, 2016, President Salva Kiir systematically exterminated innocent Nuer civilians marking the darkest day in... FULL STORY »


EDITORIAL: Juba Massacre THREE YEAR ON. Three Days of Slaughter

Remembering The Juba Massacre: A Nation Torn Apart by the Blood of the Innocents Three Years Ago….. EDITORIAL – In just Three days, December 15th, 2013, more than 20,000 people of Nuer ethnic origin were slaughtered in Juba, South Sudan capital by President Salva Kiir’s Presidential... FULL STORY »

UN: ‘Ethnic cleansing under w...

UN: ‘Ethnic cleansing under way’ in South Sudan

Fighting between government and rebels has seen deliberate starvation, gang rape, and the burning of villages. A UN commission on human rights in South Sudan has said a steady process of ethnic cleansing is under way in the country, involving massacres, starvation, gang rape and the destruction of... FULL STORY »

South Sudanese in Canada Hold a Conference on Refugee Crisis

CBC NEWS – Majority of South who are resident in Canada are living in Alberta particularly Calgary and Edmonton. South Sudanese diaspora in Canada are struggling as they watch their... FULL STORY »

Nuer Community in the US Rejects any Meeting with and Denounces the Illegitimate Vice Pres...

NEBRASKA – In a strong worded press release seen by the Upper Nile Times correspondence today September 20, 2016, the Nuer Community Leadership in North America has rejected and... FULL STORY »

South Sudan’s embassy in the UK closed over rent arrears. Ambassador sued in court

London – South Sudan’s consulate was forcibly closed on Friday after the premise owner called the police last week over a dispute on rental arrears of more than 4 months. The... FULL STORY »

PRESS RELEASE: JMEC declare their Juba office as operational

Juba: JMEC secretariats have declared that they have fully resumed work in Juba after many weeks away from south sudan. read the press release... FULL STORY »

The SPLM-IO under Dr. Machar Held a Youth Conference, Saturday Se...

EDMONTON – With the theme: “Strengthening our Unity while working for reform, reclaiming back the identity & nationalism, and mobilizing resources” the conference drew various SPLM-IO... FULL STORY »

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