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Tusker Beer the most widely consumed liquor in Juba. White Bull beer the least favourable – Survey

JUBA – A consumer alcohol drinking statistics in Juba has put Kenyan Beer giant, Tusker as the most widely consumed alcohol in Juba and elsewhere. The statistics surveyed by Juba Consumers and Sellers Survey placed White Bull the locally brewed beer by South Sudan Beverages Limited (SSBL) at the bottom of the list made up of international giants such as Heineken and Guiness. The surveying group credited the quality of Tusker beer and its affordability for the rise in sales.
Based on Ranks, Tusker Malt, a moderate alcohol content beer by Tusker brewery group became second. Heineken, Bell, Red Horse, Guiness, Nile and White Bull completes the list of number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 respectively. The group also disclosed that there was a plunge in prices of liquor in Juba. They predicted that its possible that as hard currencies continue to disappear, Tusker will potentially end up losing sales in Juba.

The surveying group however didn’t include the statistics of other liquor such as the locally and tribally brewed illicit alcohol which is pretty much the most dominant one in major towns due to its affordability.


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