Saturday July 4, 2015

SPLMIO officially merged with Johnson Olony Forces

NAIROBI – The leadership of the opposition factions fighting the regime of Salva Kiir have declared to work together as a united faction in their quest to bring about peace in South Sudan. SPLMIO and Agwelek Forces of Johnson Olony have signed a peace accord today in Nairobi that allow the... FULL STORY »

photo: Reuters

After Malakal, Rebels threaten to storm the main oil field

MALAKAL – South Sudan’s rebels issued a stern warning to the government troops in the oil field of Paloch that the recent success in the capture of Malakal “will not stop there if the aggression against their forces continued” in areas near the oil field. Maj Gen Mabor Dhol,... FULL STORY »



Defection rocks Malong Awan family as son in law joins the SPLM-IO

NAIROBI – Angok Arthur Akuien Chol, the son in law of the SPLA Chief of Staff, Gen Paul Malong Awan has joined the SPLM in Opposition in a first defection to rock the Awan family. Angok is a... FULL STORY »

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President Uhuru Kenyatta (Photo: AFP)

Kenyatta remains composed despite unsuccessful meeting between Kiir and Machar

NAIROBI – Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta remains defiant about... FULL STORY »

SPLMIO Relief Wing held a “successful” Humanitarian conference in Nairobi


NAIROBI – The Relief Orgnanisation for South Sudan (ROSS) held a Humanitarian Conference in... FULL STORY »

Dr Riek making a speech at Pagak conference (photo: James Gatdet Dak)

Projections Analysis on South Sudan Crisis 2013-2015!

Absolutely South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, is embroiled... FULL STORY »

AYIIK CHOLDIT: No More five years for Mr Kiir’s regime needed!

kiir 1

Enough is enough, Kiir regime has looted the Country for ten years and the South Sudanese people as... FULL STORY »

on xenophobia

Despise President Zuma condemnation; mobs are still looting foreigners shop

JOHANNESBURG – Africans killing themselves? At least five... FULL STORY »

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