Tuesday July 28, 2015
The Presidential Spokesman, Ateny Wek Ateny, announceed his own newsspaper in the South Sudan capital Juba on Sept 14, 2014. (FILE PHOTO)

ATENY WEK: Former detainees should not be given their own share. They are already in the govern...

JUBA – Salva Kiir’s presidential Press Secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny has lashed out on IGAD mediators for giving a percentage share in the proposed compromise agreement to the former detainees commonly known as the G10. Ateny was reacting to the 14% power sharing given to the former... FULL STORY »

Dr Riek making a speech at Pagak conference (photo: James Gatdet Dak)

Machar: Gen Gatdet and Gen Garhoth will be redeployed elsewhere

PAGAK – The chairman of the SPLM in Opposition, Dr Riek Machar has told the Upper Nile Times that two of his Generals he dismissed yesterday will be reappointed into different portfolios anytime soon. Machar spoke out for the first time after the relieve of the Generals saying “it was a... FULL STORY »



Commissioners reaffirm their allegiance to the SPLMIO leadership

Pagak – Three commissioners of greater Maiwut reaffirmed their commitment to the SPLMIO leadership saying that nothing would divert their way even if the recently relieved generals decided to... FULL STORY »

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A group of displaced women and children rest on Ethiopian territory after crossing the Baro River from South Sudan. Some 20,000 people have fled South Sudan since a ceasefire began in early May. © UNHCR/L.F.Godinho

WHO: S. Sudan cholera outbreak spreads, deaths rise to 39

AFP – Cholera in war-torn South Sudan has spread to another... FULL STORY »

Gen Malong jetted into Uganda, “asks Museveni for more air power support” – Report...

Malong and Museveni met in Rwakitura (PHOTO: Sarah Kagingo/PR)

KAMPALA – SPLA -Juba’s chief of staff, Gen Paul Malong Awan rushed to Uganda on Friday... FULL STORY »

Credit: Gurtong

PETER GAI MANYUON: Pagan Amum a South Sudanese Liability of 21th Century!

The newly reinstated Secretary General of Sudan People Liberation... FULL STORY »

DANIELLE BOWLER: Serena Williams and her shadow

Credit: Getty Images

Danielle Bowler explores what Serena Williams has come to mean and symbolise. Watching the... FULL STORY »

South Sudanese refugees wait to be registered at a crossing into Ethiopia earlier this year. © UNHCR/R. Riek

NICHOLAS KRISTOF: Survivors Stories – Obama must note South Sudan horror

Barefoot and shellshocked, the survivors trickle into a village here... FULL STORY »

Credit: UNHCR

PRESS RELEASE: IOM Ethiopia Evacuates South Sudanese from Gambella Border

GAMBELLA – IOM Ethiopia restarted its evacuation of South... FULL STORY »

18 Kenyan students to commit suicide this month if Obama fails to visit them

President Obama addressed a crowd of 500 young sub-Saharan Africans, fellows of his administration’s Young African Leaders Initiative (Credit: WhiteHouseGov)

NAIROBI – President Obama’s first visit to Kenya, the birthplace of his father, become a... FULL STORY »

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