Monday October 20, 2014

Governor: WES doesn’t have military training camps for SPLM-IN-Oppost...

YAMBIO – The governor of the Western Equatoria state (WES) Col Joseph Bakosoro has dismissed recent rumours that his state has training centres for rebels. Bakosoro described the allegations are pure lies aimed to discourage development and peace in the country. “these wild allegations... FULL STORY »

splm intradialogue

Intra-SPLM party dialogue in Tanzania ‘made substantial progress̵...

ARUSHA/TANZANIA – The ongoing internal party leadership dialogue between the warring factions and leaders of the SPLM facilitated by Tanzania’s ruling party, the CCM (Chama Cha Mapinduzi) is making a significant progress according to Juba and rebel leaders present at the... FULL STORY »


Aid worker Mark Dieng, forced and kidnapped at gunpoint for speaking in Nue...

Malakal – A Nuer aid worker who have since worked at UNMISS – Malakal since early this year as a security field worker for WFP is still missing. Mark Dieng was on a field trip to Malakal Airport as part of his routine security work when he met his 8 captors who are all ailing from Dinka... FULL STORY »


Presidential decree: Telar Ring to Russia, Garang Diing Akuong to United St...

Juba – the presidential advisor on legal affairs Mr Telar Ring Deng was today appointed as an ambassador to the Russian federation through a presidential decree read out on the State owned South Sudan Television (SSTV). Ring, a controversial figure having worked as a legal affairs advisor for... FULL STORY »



Northern Bhar el ghazal and 3 States of Equatoria are vulneral to Ebola – ...

TORIT – The National Minister of Health Dr Riek Gai Kok has described three states of Equatoria as well as Northern Bhar el Ghazal as red spot for Ebola epidemic in South Sudan. Kok speaking... FULL STORY »


Somalia just had their first ATM machine, now we have our first traffic light!

JUBA – South Sudan installed its first traffic light as an independent and prosperous nation thanks to Chinese government and a company called Sunda Solar Technology Company from Beijing. The... FULL STORY »


ATEM GARANG: I Could Have Done it Better

JUBA – The former Chief Whip of the South Sudan parliament Hon. Atem Garang has decried the recently passed the “arrest without charges” bill as just to put South Sudan further down... FULL STORY »


“SPLM in opposition negotiators want to turn the president into a ceremoni...

Bahir Dar – The Minister of Information and broadcasting, Mr Michael #makuei lueth has sharply accused the SPLM-i-O of working to turn President Salva Kiir to holding only a ceremonial role in a... FULL STORY »


The UN Security Council has the power to veto the “rogue IGAD clu...

UNT – “African solutions for African problems” the “rogue IGAD club” mouthed off knowing full well what such a bigoted statement conjures. The powerful “race card” that is often... FULL STORY »

Local and foreign journalists covering the declaration of South Sudan’s independence on July 9, 2011. (Credit: The Niles | Akim Mugisa)

The New Media Law: What Does it Mean for Journalis...

CAIRO – The incompetence President of the would be Federal South Sudan signed into law what most South Sudanese refers as “long... FULL STORY »

When Will South Sudan Government Respect the Role of Me...

South Sudan Media at focus during coverage. (Credit: Gurtong)

UNT – It is not something new that national security personnel’s in Juba always target the Media houses and the Journalists who speak for the voiceless... FULL STORY »

Peace is Only Ultimate Choice to End Violence in South ...

South Sudanese Youth during the independence day celebration in Juba (credit: GETTY/AFP)

UNT – “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.” – George Carlin In South Sudan, when once talk about peace and harmony, some... FULL STORY »

Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirino: If I Defected Now, You Equatori...

Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirino Swaka, deputy chief of general staff for training (Photo: Youtube|Nyamilepedia)

UNT – I think Nuer should only vintage on Equatorians for non-combats support and, notice that, Equatorians are not ready and will never be ready anytime... FULL STORY »

332_PresidentKiir (1)

IGAD, South Sudan need Kiir to be a Ceremonial President!

UNT – Our present constitutional dispensation in South Sudan is that of an Executive Monarch or a powerful president which is modelled on that of the USA. The presidential system of government... FULL STORY »



UNT – It has become apparent that the eight months old civil war in South Sudan is not yet ending and the suffering of several millions South... FULL STORY »

Peter Gatdet Yaka: A Fearless General


By Elbow Chuol An introduction to appreciates General Gatdet Yaka’s Struggle ADDIS ABABA -In one end of the country close to the edging of Sudan respite... FULL STORY »

Power and Greed in South Sudan

722_salvakiirandKuol (1)

CALGARY – Power and greed in South Sudan corrupt the government systems in Juba and promotes tyranny which allowed President Salva Kiir to abuse his... FULL STORY »

SPLM is at risk of Failing, Failing people, Failing the...


JUBA – In her final action as the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for South Sudan, Hilde F. Johnson delivered the following remarks at... FULL STORY »

H.E Kiir excahnges copy of the signed agreement with Riak

IGAD Not Capable of Delivering Peace for South Sudan!

UNT – The East African Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is concluding a plan to allow for what they are calling a unity government for South Sudan. If Riek Machar agrees to... FULL STORY »


EDITORIAL: Apology by President Salva Kiir Now Rig...

UNT – Now the whole world has acknowledged that there was absolutely no coup attempt on President Salva Kiir’s regime on December 15,... FULL STORY »

Mr. Kiir Is The Problem… Not the Solution!

South Sudan President Salva Kiir, left, is ready to begin talks with rival Riek Machar right (Credit: Reuters)

UNT – “Dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself, and your life will become a glorious romance and adventure.” – Mack... FULL STORY »

Projection: Why President Kiir Should go Home in Peace?


UNT – I would like to inform the world, individuals who have not understood what caused the current mess in the Republic of South Sudan. To elaborate on... FULL STORY »

What Next after Individuals Sanctions in South Sudan?


UNT – What is clicking mostly in people minds among South Sudanese is who is going to be number one in the list of the criminals who will be given... FULL STORY »


South Sudanese Lawmakers at National Legislative Assembly – NLA; ...

UNT – The criminalization of politics by our lawmakers has reached menacing proportions. Both Mps at National Legislative Assembly and those at State Assembly have a healthy number of members... FULL STORY »

president salva kiir

South Sudan Will Never Be a United Country Under t...

CAIRO – South Sudan will never be a united country under the President Salva Kiir Mayardit because Salva Kiir is thinking that ethnic cleansing... FULL STORY »

The G10 are power grumpy hogs whom will never stop at n...

SPLM-G10, formerly the SPLM political detainees taking a photo after meeting Museveni in Kampala

By Chemical Thanker Yes as shoddy deals and back room back-stabbing are beginning to emerge in Addis, it’s important to revisit the position and... FULL STORY »


Civilians entering UNMISS compound in Bor, capital of Jonglei state, South Sudan, fleeing massacres. (Photo: UNMISS)

Political Situation: UNT – Following the last reshuffle of the government of South Sudan on 23 July 2013, which resulted to the removal of the entire... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Media War and Propaganda

Credit: The Niles

UNT – There had been a lot of accusations between the Government of South Sudan under President Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit and the Sudan People Liberation... FULL STORY »


Interim period agreed for 3 years: Taban

BAHIR DAR – The head of the negotiation for the SPLM in Opposition, Mr #taban deng Gai has stressed that delegates at the peace talks in Addis Ababa have agreed in principle for an interim... FULL STORY »


South Sudan to import electricity from Kenya, Mini...

JUBA – The #minister of Electricity and Dams (MoE&D), Hon Jemma Nunu Kumba has said that plans are underway to import Electricity from... FULL STORY »

China grant $25 million to South Sudan for Agricultural...


JUBA – The Chinese government has issued a grant of 25 million dollars to South Sudan to cater for Agro-infrastructural development across South Sudan and... FULL STORY »

The Inter Governmental Authority for Development –...

concluded summit

UNT – Regional politics at Inter Governmental Authority for Development – IGAD is a dirty rotten game played by the so-called “big... FULL STORY »

IGAD peace summit stalled over Salva Kiir and Dr Riek M...

South Sudan President Salva Kiir, left, is ready to begin talks with rival Riek Machar right (Credit: Reuters)

ADDIS ABABA – The weeklong awaited summit of the IGAD states and government that concluded today (Monday) didn’t deliver as expected, as both warring... FULL STORY »

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Bodies of Nuer people Massacred inside Bor UNMISS compound (Credit: Samuel Auga)

Nuer Genocide in South Sudan is Very Typical to That Committed in Rwanda in 1994

CAIRO – The foul and awful Genocide began in Juba up to the country sides and another more monstrous one will take place soon which is supported by IGAD Countries. That is strongly... FULL STORY »

As a Chief of Staff of South Sudan’s army, General James Hoth Mai speaks during a media update, with regards to the current fighting with rebels in north of the country, in Juba January 2, 2014. (Credit: REUTERS)

James Hoth Mai Betrayed His Country and Went into Exile in Austra...

UNT – “He is here, he has been sneaked into that car by his relatives” A voice shouted at Melbourne Airport in Australia James Gathoth Mai, a South Sudanese who was once... FULL STORY »


Mapel: A Secret Location for killing Unarmed Nuer Soldiers

UNT – Mapel, a military training camp rarely known to many South Sudanese is now a scene of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Since 2011, a great number of concerned persons... FULL STORY »

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Governor Matur Chut threatens with revolt if booted out of power

JUBA – The caretaker governor of Lakes State Major General #matur chut Dhol has lashed out against certain  “group of politicians ganging up in Juba to plan a strategy to remove him... FULL STORY »

Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth briefing the South Sudanese community in Calgary City: (Photo Credit: Kang Kok)

The High Profile Delegations from the SPLM under Dr. Machar Concl...

CALGARY – The City of Calgary has expeirenced one of the South Sudanese colourful events. In attendance were the Justic Minister Johnason Denis, acting Police Superintendent, MLA, Len... FULL STORY »


Fierce battle rages in Bentiu and Ayod

BENTIU – South Sudan’s government forces and rebels clashed in Southern Unity State’s capital Bentiu during the earlier hours of the morning. The fighting raged on to the town centre... FULL STORY »

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Former detainees call for lesser role of President Kiir in the interim government

JUBA – the former political detainees also known as the group of 10 came out demanding that the recent proposal by IGAD member states and government should limit the role of Salva Kiir... FULL STORY »


UN helicopter crashed in Bentiu. Believed to have been shot down

JUBA – A #un helicopter on a routine flight to and from Unity State crashed this afternoon in a place called Juach, a deadly area known for routine fighting between government forces and... FULL STORY »


Yau Yau refuses to mobilise Murle youth for major offensive in Lo...

BOR - The newly appointed administrator of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA), #david yau yau refused a campaign spearheaded by the country’s top army chief, Gen. Malong... FULL STORY »

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South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit (center L) and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao (center R) attend a signing ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. China is the largest purchaser of oil from South Sudan and is also a longstanding business partner of Sudan from which it also buys oil. (Credit: Reuters)

We can’t rely on Chinese for everything

UNT – I find it incomprehensible that some of us are celebrating and boasting about the recent trip to China. The heap of papers that the President returned with, are not likely to... FULL STORY »


Undermining South Sudanese expertise’s is Ironical!

UNT – The recent order from the Ministry of Labor and Public Service in the Republic of South Sudan that was issued on 16th of September 2014 is absolute enough, appropriate and... FULL STORY »

Some Bor residents have begun to return to their homes to salvage what's left of their belongings after fighting between opposition forces and government soldiers. (AFP)

Request for Re-location of the Civilians in Unity State and Bor

Open Letter to United Nations,Humanitarians Coordinator &Toby Lanzer CC. Ellen Margrethe Loj Special Envoy to South Sudan and head of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the world’s... FULL STORY »