Friday January 30, 2015

Close door talks between Kiir and Riek collapsed as IGAD postponed the summit for Saturday

ADDIS ABABA – Direct talks between two principals of the South Sudanese conflict failed to yield fruits yet again as IGAD postponed the summit for Saturday. Dr Riek Machar, the leader of the SPLM-I-O and president Kiir set down for a close door meeting to iron out power sharing agreement... FULL STORY »

President Kiir (file photo)

Stress and excessive consumption of alcohol blamed for President Kiir’s nose bleed in Add...

ADDIS ABABA - The much anticipated meeting between the leader of the rebel movement, The SPLM-i-O and the president of the republic Salva Kiir Mayardiit was abraptly called off on Wednesday after the later fall sick and heavily bled for a period of 15 minutes prompting the presidential aids to call... FULL STORY »

yau yau 2

3,000 child soldiers belonging to Yau Yau’s Cobra militias to be freed within 30 days

JUBA - Child soldiers of one of the Jonglei State’s fierce warlord, David Yau Yau are set to be demobilised as part of an ongoing effort by UNICEF to get rid of child soldiers in the ranks and files of armed groups across the country. UNICEF has this week disclosed that about 280 children... FULL STORY »

Caretaker Governor of NBGS Hon. Kuel Aguer Kuel. [Credit: Gurtong]

Caretaker governor Kuel Aguer Kuel impeached by NBGs MPs loyal to Malong Awan

AWEIL – South Sudan’s Northern Bhar El Ghazal caretaker governor is in threat of being booted out of power by Legislative Assembly MPs loyal to former governor Gen Malong Awan, the current army chief of staff. According to an impeachment document tabled by the NBGs MPs, the caretaker... FULL STORY »



National Security Service Has Beaten a Journalist Unconscious

JUBA – The South Sudan national security services has brutally beaten a journalist John Anyang yesterday forcing the journalist to collapse and short of breathe. Anyang, the latest victim of... FULL STORY »


WES government denies hate speech by Bakosoro. Accuses Lake States presenters of...

The government of Western Equatoria State (WES) has categorically denied that governor Joseph Bakosoro had made a hate speech towards the Dinka settlers in the state and the leaders of the Dinka... FULL STORY »


UN-OCHA: AIDS – Related Deaths Are on the Rise Among Conflict Affected Peo...

NAIROBI – The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) has warned of looming rise of Aid related death in conflict affected states in South Sudan In their... FULL STORY »


Athlete Guor Marial suspended by South Sudan Athletic Federation from participat...

JUBA – South Sudan’s Olympic body, The South Sudan Athletic Federation (SSAF) has suspended Guor Miading Miaker (Guor Marial), revoked his membership and denied him opportunity to... FULL STORY »

kiir and m72

JOHN CHUOL BOL: South Sudan A State Terrorism of the 21st Century

EDMONTON – Back ground, I write this article to analyze how state terrorism works in South Sudan compared to global state terrorism in other countries. The article compared South Sudan as a... FULL STORY »


PETER BINZA: What do you want to see, peaceful co-...

By: Peter Kumboruno Binza YAMBIO, South Sudan – Reference to report produced by The Upper Nile Times , Jan, 16th 2015 that members of Dinka... FULL STORY »

DR. RIANG ZUOR: 2015 Elections How Many Carts Should Sa...

Election officials carry ballot boxes, moments after polls closed in Juba in January 2011. Officials say this year's vote will be held on June 30. (Credit: AP)

Introduction In my last article, titled ‘Salva Kiir’s Attack on His Own Legitimacy Claim’, I made a point that the Transitional Constitution of the... FULL STORY »

PETR GAI: Open Letter to President of the Republic of S...

President Kiir (file photo)

Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit! CC: • President Barrack Obama (USA) • UN Security Council • Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) • Human Rights Watch... FULL STORY »

The Gaatjaak Massacre: A Tragedy SPLA/M and Ethiopia-De...


By Sarah Thomas Gaarjaak community deserves an apology from South Sudan government regarding 1984—7 massacre. On July 30th, 2011, Dr. Riek Machar, the vice... FULL STORY »


GAI JAMES KAI: Let’s just say it: The SPLM party is the problem

It’s not surprising that the SPLM leadership agrees to some extents in Arusha – Tanzania; it is that such extreme remarks and views are now taken for granted. We have been studying SPLM... FULL STORY »

722_salvakiirandKuol (1)

STEPHEN PAR KUOL: The Decay of Kiir’s Police State...

Just like Nazi’s Germany, Zaire’s Mombuto Seseiko, Augusto Pinochet’s Chile and others in that inexhaustible list, Kiir’s Republic of South... FULL STORY »

IGAD, South Sudan need Kiir to be a Ceremonial Presiden...

332_PresidentKiir (1)

UNT – Our present constitutional dispensation in South Sudan is that of an Executive Monarch or a powerful president which is modelled on that of the... FULL STORY »



UNT – It has become apparent that the eight months old civil war in South Sudan is not yet ending and the suffering of several millions South Sudanese... FULL STORY »

Peter Gatdet Yaka: A Fearless General


By Elbow Chuol An introduction to appreciates General Gatdet Yaka’s Struggle ADDIS ABABA -In one end of the country close to the edging of Sudan respite... FULL STORY »

H.E Kiir excahnges copy of the signed agreement with Riak

IGAD Not Capable of Delivering Peace for South Sudan!

UNT – The East African Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is concluding a plan to allow for what they are calling a unity government for South Sudan. If Riek Machar agrees to... FULL STORY »


EDITORIAL: Apology by President Salva Kiir Now Rig...

UNT – Now the whole world has acknowledged that there was absolutely no coup attempt on President Salva Kiir’s regime on December 15,... FULL STORY »

Mr. Kiir Is The Problem… Not the Solution!

South Sudan President Salva Kiir, left, is ready to begin talks with rival Riek Machar right (Credit: Reuters)

UNT – “Dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself, and your life will become a glorious romance and adventure.” – Mack... FULL STORY »

Projection: Why President Kiir Should go Home in Peace?


UNT – I would like to inform the world, individuals who have not understood what caused the current mess in the Republic of South Sudan. To elaborate on... FULL STORY »

What Next after Individuals Sanctions in South Sudan?


UNT – What is clicking mostly in people minds among South Sudanese is who is going to be number one in the list of the criminals who will be given... FULL STORY »


PETER GAI: Makuei Lueth, a Propagandist of the Year in South Sudan!

UNT – Before going further, I would like to bring in to your attention about who Makuei Lueth is in South Sudan context since the liberation struggle until today. Makuei was born in 1947 from... FULL STORY »


South Sudanese Lawmakers at National Legislative A...

UNT – The criminalization of politics by our lawmakers has reached menacing proportions. Both Mps at National Legislative Assembly and those at... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Will Never Be a United Country Under the Pr...

president salva kiir

CAIRO – South Sudan will never be a united country under the President Salva Kiir Mayardit because Salva Kiir is thinking that ethnic cleansing against... FULL STORY »

The G10 are power grumpy hogs whom will never stop at n...

SPLM-G10, formerly the SPLM political detainees taking a photo after meeting Museveni in Kampala

By Chemical Thanker Yes as shoddy deals and back room back-stabbing are beginning to emerge in Addis, it’s important to revisit the position and... FULL STORY »


Civilians entering UNMISS compound in Bor, capital of Jonglei state, South Sudan, fleeing massacres. (Photo: UNMISS)

Political Situation: UNT – Following the last reshuffle of the government of South Sudan on 23 July 2013, which resulted to the removal of the entire... FULL STORY »

Fidel "Castro" Odinga. Fidel, son of CORD leader Raila Odinga, was on January 4, 2015 found dead. FILE PHOTO

Mabior Garang Was Seen Drinking With Raila Odinga’s Son, Fidel...

NAIROBI – Kenya’s former Prime Minister and opposition leader’s son Fidel Odinga was found dead at his Karen (Nairobi) home in unknown circumstances on Sunday. Fidel, the eldest son... FULL STORY »

President Uhuru Kenyatta (Photo: AFP)

Kenyan blogger jailed for abusing President Uhuru ...

Nairobi – A Kenyan blogger will serve a maximum of two years behind bars for hate speech aimed at the sitting President Uhuru Kenyatta. The... FULL STORY »

Africa must quit ICC, the agents of the West – Yo...


NAIROBI – Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has called on all African countries to simultaneously quit the International Criminal Court (ICC)... FULL STORY »

South Sudan will disintegrate into factional warlordism...


KAMPALA – Ugandan president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has send a stern warning that war in South Sudan will disintegrate the country a part and create more... FULL STORY »

UGANDA denied having urged South Sudan rebels to drop t...


KAMPALA – A Ugandan senior official has categorically denied recent reports that President Museveni has told the SPLM in Opposition leaders on a recent... FULL STORY »

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DR. RIANG ZUOR: Salva Kiir’s Attack on His Own Legitimacy Claim

ADDIS ABABA – When the war started in December 2013, Salva Kiir, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, Michael Makuei, Ateny Wek Ateny, and many others could be seen on televisions, local or... FULL STORY »

President Kiir (Credit: AFP)

SIRIR GABRIEL: More Reshuffles Will Not Prevent President Kiir Go...

CAIRO – It must be a terrible life to be a minister in this government, knowing that you may be fired at the drop of a hat for no particular reason other than suspicion of your... FULL STORY »

Mrs Kay Coriat with Ngundeng's dang, Bournemouth, 1979.


Ngundeng Bong, the most famous Nuer prophet, lived between c.1830 and 1906. His father, Bong Can, was a kuar muon (‘earth-master’ or ‘leopard-skin chief’), originally from the Bul... FULL STORY »

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Akem Kerbino, one of the stones miners (PHOTO: Upper Nile Times)

EDITORIAL: Starving Youths venture into stones crushing business to earn a living

JUBA –  Poverty, high illiteracy rate and poor employment records in South Sudan have made many people to resort into doing harsh and exhausted jobs to earn a living. The cost of... FULL STORY »


General Chayuot Manyang appointed North East Upper Nile’s m...

PAGAK - The opposition forces commanded by the former Vice President of South Sudan, Dr Riek Machar have established a roadmap of governance in the would be Federal Republic of South Sudan... FULL STORY »


South Sudan’s removal from AGOA beneficiaries long overdue ...

ADDIS ABABA – An opposition figure of the armed SPLM in Opposition has welcomed the recent move by the US government of removing South Sudan from the Sub-Saharan African beneficiaries... FULL STORY »

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CALGARY: The demonstrators' banner reads: Step down Salva Kiir for better South Sudan.'Prevent further Genocide (Juba massacre)' in reference to the potential slaughter of Nuer trapped in UN bases in Juba. (Credit: The Upper Nile Times)

Thousands in Calgary Protest Against President Salva Kiir

CALGARY – Demonstrators carry signs bearing slogans “Stop Genocide,” “Salva Kiir Must Go,” and “President Kiir Must Face ICC”. Thousands of people attended a demonstration... FULL STORY »


Leaders of South Sudan must pursue peace as a way to honor those ...

WASHINGTON – The United States President, Barack Obama has appealed to the warring factions of the South Sudan conflict to put South Sudan first and work for peace to return to the... FULL STORY »


Human Right Watch: UN Security Council must impose arms embargo o...

PRESS RELEASE Dear Ambassador, We are writing to urge the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo on both parties to the conflict in South Sudan, and to set up a panel of experts to... FULL STORY »

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Health workers in Mogadishu move out a body from the scene (PHOTO: The Upper Nile Times/Omar Nor)

2nd Somali Official shot dead in Mogadishu in 24 hours

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Suspected Al shabaab militants carried out in Mogadishu in the past 24 hours at least three targeted assassinations against Somali government officials, police... FULL STORY »


Fierce fighting in Southern Somalia leaves 55 dead

MOGADISHU, Somalia — At least 55 people have been killed on Saturday in a deadly battle between Al Qaeda-affiliated Al shabab militants and Somalia’s Jubbaland militia backed by... FULL STORY »

In  ceremony which held in Mogadishu, Somali capital, Somali deputy information minister, Abdullahi Olad Roble on Monday gives award to four Somali award winner journalists who won Somali media awards in 2014 for Somali speaking journalists. FILE PHOTO

Somalia deports Ugandan and Ghanaian alleged of illegally enterin...

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somalia has deported on Monday Ugandan and Ghanaian  nationals who were allegedly of entering the horn of African country for fake Journalism activities, deputy... FULL STORY »

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REFUGEES. People gather at a makeshift IDP camp at the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) compound in Juba on December 22, 2013 where South Sudanese continue to flock as fears of a resumption of fighting in the capital fester. AFP/Tony Karumba


Today, December 15, 2014, marks the first anniversary of the Juba massacre of ethnic Nuers ordered by President Salva Kiir Mayardit. It remains the saddest day in the history of South Sudan... FULL STORY »


Pack of White Lies Against the SPLM/A –IO’s Top Leadership: A Res...

For Immediate Press Release December 8th, 2014 On December 4th, 2014, the Government of South Sudan’s mouthpiece, The Nation Mirror published a malicious false allegation titled “Taban... FULL STORY »

Political activist, Gordon Buay Malek, with South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayaardit @2010

GORDON BUAY: South Sudan Has No Future Unless Juba Regime is Topp...

What D.K. Mathews said to Lual Ding Wuol in 1982 that “Dinka Bhar-el-Ghazal are stupid and foolish majority” It is true. Look at this idiot called Isaac Malith who doesn’t... FULL STORY »