Monday July 25, 2016
Dr Riek making a speech at Pagak conference (photo: James Gatdet Dak)

The SPLM-IO Mission in Canada Condemns the Recent an Illegal Attempt Removal of Dr. Machar

CALGARY – In a strong worded press release written by the leaders of the SPLM-IO in Canada, and seen by the Upper Nile Times correspondence, stressed the mission’s statement on the following points, which criticized the move taken by some disgruntled individuals in the like of General... FULL STORY »

taban deng

General Taban Deng Gai Fired from SPLM-IO

JUBA – A reliable source has told the Upper Nile Times that General Taban Deng Gai, who is a Mining Minister and as well the Chief Negotiator for the SPLM-IO, has been fired from the movement. This move emerged after discovering that General Taban has been having link with Salva Kiir Mayar... FULL STORY »



A Peace Mission to Juba turned Hell

JUBA – Tongyik, a member of Advance Team sent to Juba for Peace Implementation Process testified that “the parties to the peace negotiation have truly failed us.  We sacrificed our lives in... FULL STORY »

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Museveni strongly opposes arms embargo in South Sudan

STAR KENYA – Museveni said this would weaken its army just as... FULL STORY »

SPLM IO Generals Rubbish the Death of Their Colleagues


JUBA – “We are brought to die for the sake of peace,” Chayuout. A shaky peace has yet... FULL STORY »

Riek Machar smiling in the bush

CHEMICAL THANKER: SPLMIO and Dr MACHAR are conjoined twins you can only separate through peace imple...

SYNOPSIS:  The recent rush of decision or indecision by President... FULL STORY »

Journalist Mading Ngor Akec Kuai in Underage Sex Rape 

Making and his wife Rose Awut Deng Acuil FACEBOOK

JUBA – “He called me to come to his house,” she said according to the Leaked accounts of... FULL STORY »


Dr. ADWOK NYABA: Eric Reeves’ False Claims of a “Coup” in Juba

EDITORIAL: Eric Reeves (an enemy of peace to South Sudanese people)... FULL STORY »


New Scientific studies offer new hope for HIV/AIDS patients in Africa

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Policy makers and researchers have been... FULL STORY »

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